The Top 8 Most Instagram-Worthy Sailing Accounts

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  • Be inspired by the most visually stunning and adventurous sailboat Instagram accounts.
  • Discover a diverse range of sailing experiences, like navigating the Mediterranean.
  • Catch a glimpse into the lives and adventures of daring captains.

When in need of wanderlust, You can get inspired by fellow sailors’ travels. Enjoy scrolling through the top-most Instagram-worthy sailing accounts.

The Top 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Sailing accounts are Monaco Yacht Show, Mrsuperyachts, Cannes Yachting Festival, The Yacht Guy, Superyacht Times, Sailing La Vagabonde, SV Delos, La Mer, Ruby Rose II, and Sailing Uma. These sailboats capture captivating moments at sea, inspiring countless followers.


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Most Instagram-Worthy Sailing Accounts

Sailboats have become a popular subject on Instagram, with many users following the adventures of sailors navigating the open seas. These picturesque vessels not only symbolize freedom and exploration but they also provide a stunning backdrop for envy-inducing travel photography. As the world of sailing is vast and diverse, there are countless captivating sailboats out there.

From the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the rugged coastlines of the Mediterranean, each of these beautiful boats offers a unique perspective on the sailing lifestyle. Follow along as their daring captains share the stories of each vessel, showcasing both their impressive sailing prowess and the breathtaking scenery of their voyages.

Whether you're an experienced sailor yourself or simply someone who's passionate about the world’s oceans and the art of sailing, these sailboat Instagram feeds will surely inspire wanderlust and fuel your own dreams of embarking on a great sailing adventure of your own.

Here's a table comparing the key features of the top 10 Instagram-Worthy accounts:

1. Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show
Monaco Yacht Show

The official Instagram account of the Monaco Yacht Show, which is one of the most prestigious yacht shows in the world. It showcases stunning luxury yachts, superyachts, and the latest trends in the yachting industry, along with highlights from the annual Monaco Yacht Show event.

Global Voyage

The official Instagram account of the Monaco Yacht Show highlights the global journey of the luxury yachting industry. The account shares photos from the annual show in Monaco, which sees yachts and industry professionals from all over the world descend on the Port of Monaco.

It also posts images throughout the year from other yacht shows the account attends, such as the Cannes Yachting Festival and boat launches that take place across Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and the Caribbean.

Social Media Presence

It has a presence on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, this account shares captivating photos from the renowned yacht shows worldwide, showcases new superyacht highlights through reels, and offers behind-the-scenes access. It enjoys consistently high engagement, attracting thousands of likes per post from industry insiders, yacht owners, and enthusiasts.

2. Mrsuperyachts

Mrsuperyachts is an Instagram account dedicated to sharing breathtaking images and videos of superyachts from around the world. It provides enthusiasts with a glimpse into the opulent world of superyacht lifestyle and travel.

Global Voyage

MRsuperyachts travels the globe visiting luxury yachts, shipyards, and yacht events to photograph and document the latest in superyacht design.

With a focus on new builds and refits, the account acts as a visual diary of the superyacht world, recently posting images from visits to yachts in Amsterdam, Antibes, Dubai, and Fort Lauderdale that showcase the international reach of the multi-billion dollar industry.

Social Media Presence

Though it has no presence on other platforms, this Instagram account specializes in sharing professional photos of luxury yachts captured at shipyards, shows, and ports worldwide. Additionally, it offers behind-the-scenes videos and boomerang clips.

The account boasts an engaged audience primarily consisting of yachting professionals and potential superyacht buyers. Comments frequently delve into vessel specifications and details, making it a valuable resource for yacht enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

3. Cannes Yachting Festival

Cannes Yachting Festival
Cannes Yachting Festival

The Cannes Yachting Festival's Instagram account focuses on the famous yacht show held in Cannes, France. It features photos and updates related to the event, showcasing a wide range of yachts, sailboats, and marine innovations.

Global Voyage

The Cannes Yachting Festival's official account promotes the glamour of the high-profile French Riviera event. Each September, the account comes to life with images of prestigious yachts from around the world docking along the Cannes coastline to attend what is considered the kick-off to the international yachting season.

Social Media Presence

It has a known presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, its social media strategy revolves around promoting our annual September event on the French Riviera.

They share promotional photos and videos to build excitement and engage their regional yachting community. During the festival, they keep followers engaged with live stories and reels, resulting in peak engagement during the festival weeks.

4. The Yacht Guy

The Yacht Guy's Instagram account is known for its luxurious and aspirational content. It offers a captivating look into the world of high-end yachts, lifestyle, and luxury travel, appealing to those with a passion for yachting and the finer things in life.

Global Voyage

Known as TheYachtGuy, Alex Jimenez takes his followers around the globe, from Monaco to Fort Lauderdale and beyond, sharing an insider's view of the international yachting scene. With colorful photos and videos from yacht shows and reviews of some of the industry's most cutting-edge vessels, the account offers a window into the jet-setting lifestyle supported by yachting's globalized multibillion-dollar industry.

Social Media Presence

The Yacht Guy has also built an impressive social media empire across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and his blog by authentically showcasing the glamorous yet aspirational yachting lifestyle. His followers enjoy colorful photos from luxury vessels and events around the elite sector. Through entertaining short videos, in-depth vlogs, and partnerships with top brands, he continues to expose new audiences to the jet-setting world of yachting.

5. Superyacht Times

Superyacht Times is a leading source of news and information about the superyacht industry. Its Instagram account shares updates on the latest yacht launches, industry news, and stunning visuals of superyachts, making it a go-to source for yacht enthusiasts and professionals.

Global Voyage

The multimedia platform covers yachting worldwide, posting updates on new builds, refits, and industry news from shipyards, events, and ports spanning Europe, Asia, and the Americas. With a large global audience, the account underscores yachting's reach as an international luxury sector.

Social Media Presence

As the leading online publication covering the global superyacht industry, Superyacht Times has amassed a sizable social media presence across platforms. Their followers engage daily with their real-time industry updates, new build announcements, market reports, and event coverage in photos and reels.

With additional followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, they reach a global professional audience and affluent enthusiasts.

6. Sailing La Vagabonde

Elayna Carausu's sailboat journey, Sailing La Vagabonde, has captured the attention of the yachting and Instagram communities alike. With a photo gallery filled with stunning images, Elayna presents an enviable lifestyle while providing informative content and sailing inspiration to her followers.

Global Voyage

Sailing La Vagabonde is not just a sailboat; it's a global voyage that has taken Elayna and her family across various oceans and seas. These sailing influencers have sailed over 90,000 nautical miles, visiting various destinations along the way.

The Australian couple's journey began with their dream of circumnavigating the globe, learning how to sail as they went along. Now with two children aboard, they have made their dream a reality.

Social Media Presence

Elayna's Instagram account has amassed thousands of followers thanks to her stunning photos and engaging content. Her social media presence extends to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, ensuring that every aspect of their sailing journey is documented for their fans.

Elayna's popularity on Instagram and other social media platforms is thanks to

  • High-quality, visually appealing images
  • Informative and entertaining content
  • The relatability of their family's adventures at sea

7. SV Delos

From astonishing visuals of serene anchorages to exciting snippets of life aboard the SV Delos, their social media presence truly reflects the essence of sailing as a lifestyle. With a captivating portrayal of the sailing life in each post, followers eagerly anticipate the next update from the crew as they continue their global voyage.

Global Voyage

The SV Delos is a sailboat that has captured the hearts and minds of adventurers sailing around the world. With its crew of international sailors, this vessel has circled the globe, exploring beautiful beaches, visiting stunning marinas, and sampling some of the world's finest rums. During these sailing influencers' voyages, they have navigated through some of the most breathtaking destinations, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Social Media Presence

The SV Delos maintains a strong social media presence across multiple platforms. Their vibrant and stunning images showcase their adventures, while various hashtags help connect like-minded sailors and enthusiasts across the globe. Additionally, their Facebook page has 145K followers, further expanding their reach.

Here's a list of notable hashtags used by these sailing influencers:

  • #SVDelos
  • #sailingadventures
  • #rumlovers
  • #beachexplorers

8. Sailing Uma

The entire story of Sailing Uma is an inspiring example of what happens when passion, determination, and an adventurous spirit come together.

Global Voyage

Sailing Uma is a popular sailboat recounted by a courageous and talented couple, Dan and Kika, who have opted to explore the world on their All-Electric sailboat Uma. Their journey spans across various countries, with the ultimate goal of learning and experiencing diverse cultures.

As avid photographers, they capture beautiful moments in picturesque locations, making their voyage not only enjoyable but also visually stunning. When visiting new places, they often share their experiences with local food, showcasing interesting restaurants and culinary discoveries.

Social Media Presence

Sailing Uma's Instagram page is yet another platform where Dan and Kika share their enthralling experiences with their followers. Their stunning photography skills allow them to showcase the beauty of their offshore sailing journey. Instagram serves as a platform for sharing their daily lives, behind-the-scenes moments, and interactions with fellow sailors and travelers.

Unique Routes Taken by These Sailboats

These unique routes add depth and character to the Instagram-worthy accounts, making their profiles more than just visually appealing but also rich in travel experiences and storytelling. Follow along and let these journeys inspire your own adventures on the high seas.

Exploring Uncharted Waters

These Instagram-worthy accounts like Sailing Doodles have set sail on some of the most extraordinary and less-traveled routes across the globe. From the turquoise waters of the South Pacific to the rugged coastlines of the Arctic, their journeys have taken them to places many only dream of visiting.

Hidden Gems and Local Wonders

One of the joys of sailing is stumbling upon hidden gems and experiencing the authentic beauty of local cultures. Learn about the picturesque coves, quaint fishing villages, and vibrant markets these yachts have discovered along their way.

Remote Islands and Exotic Paradises

Discover the remote islands and exotic paradises that serve as anchors for these vessels. Explore the pristine beaches, lush jungles, and crystal-clear lagoons that have become their temporary homes as they explore the world's most remote corners.

Chasing Seasonal Wonders

Sailboats are known for their ability to follow seasonal wonders, from chasing the endless summer to witnessing the beauty of fall foliage in far-flung locales. Find out which sailboats have mastered the art of following the perfect weather.

The Stories Behind the Scenic Routes

Get a glimpse into the stories behind the scenic routes these sailboats have chosen. From encounters with wildlife to heartwarming interactions with local communities, each journey is filled with captivating tales of adventure and exploration.

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