How Much Does A Laser Sailboat Cost?

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Key Takeaways

  • Depending on what Laser class you pick, each is designed for a specific use
  • Prices vary from $900 to $13,000 depending on model, age, new, and used
  • Routine maintenance and other factors will contribute to Laser prices overall
  • Lasers are one of the most iconic sailing boats you can find including the Sunfish
  • Sailors that race with dinghies want a Laser, especially international levels

A Laser sailboat is a popular dinghy used for races and owning one should not break the bank. But how much does a Laser sailboat cost?

Someone can purchase a new Laser sailboat for around $3,300 to $13,000. Used Laser sailboats will cost approximately $2,000 to $6,000. The pricing is typically determined by the year of manufacture, the type of Laser model, and the overall condition.

A variety of factors will influence costs for a Laser sailboat and you will need to narrow down your options based on budget and the intended use of the Laser. According to sailboat listings websites you can find quality used Lasers for reasonable prices.


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The Real Cost of a Laser Sailboat

The cost of a new and a used Laser varies unless it is in good condition for used Lasers. The Laser class and boat type will affect the price depending on if you intend to race or just have fun.

Consider aiming for one that best fits your desired activity goal on the water if you need to know which type of Laser boat you want to own. Depending on the route you want to go when purchasing one you can save some money.

New Lasers

Depending on the dealer you buy it from and the model will significantly affect the price. A new Laser sailboat can range up to $13,000 for a Bahia Gennaker and start as low as $6,000 for an XD Standard. A new Sunfish (a Laser sailboat not for racing) can range up to $5,000.

You have the benefit of a boat that is ready to sail and you do not have to worry about previous issues from other owners when purchasing a new Laser. There are Laser dinghies that are designed for racing to choose from. These boats include:

  • Laser XD Standard
  • Laser XD Radial
  • Laser XD 4.7

Each one of those starts at around $6,000. They can go up in price depending on any additional features to your purchase so research which one you like the best.

Used Lasers

A used Laser sailboat will vary in price from $200 (damaged or needs work) to $15,000 (rare or harder-to-find models). When you purchase a used Laser it will require a lot more homework to ensure the Laser dinghy is in good shape. Purchasing a used Sunfish can cost anywhere from $900 to $1,300.

The good news about used Lasers is that you get a fairly decent amount of boaters trying to sell one online. There are plenty of other options to help with your budget even though you might not find a specific year built in mind.

To save money you should search nationwide for deals. Feel free to travel a few states away to grab the perfect arrangement for a Laser dinghy.


Sailboat ownership incurs ongoing insurance expenses for potential harm to:

  • Docks
  • Other boats
  • People

Coverage costs are based on factors like boat age and size. Comparison shopping can aid in finding the best coverage rates and average annual premiums of $611 in places like Florida.

Older and medium-sized sailboats have less expensive insurance. Laser boats will cost less than a typical sailboat since it is less than 20 feet.

Marina Slips

Marina slip fees vary from $500 to $5,000 for six months and will have lower rates for boats under 30 feet. Stowing a sailboat on dry land can prove to be:

  • Cost-effective
  • Prevents bottom growth
  • Increases longevity

Certain marinas require upfront deposits and provide cheaper dock space with limited amenities. If you want to skip a marina slip you could opt for a trailer and you would need a place to store the boat if you do not have adequate space. Those two factors could be thousands of dollars upfront if you do not have a trailer.

Fees from Sailing Club

Newbie sailors can benefit from sailboat clubs since they offer:

  • Guidance
  • Safety
  • Racing opportunities
  • Sense of community

Expensive initiation fees could range from $1,000 to $4,000 and annual fees of $500 to $1,000 include extras like meals and lockers.

Another option is taking sailing lessons with a qualified instructor to gain water confidence. A club will likely give you access to certain sailing events or other opportunities to join on the water so keep that in mind when weighing your options.


Considering storage and trailer fees is important when owning a boat. Free on-land storage for small sailboats is possible but most require payment. Open storage lots are cheaper than marina slips but larger boats have fewer options.

Winter storage is recommended to protect against cold temperatures. If you do not live near cold climates you should still consider dry storage for parts of the year when not in use.

Routine Maintenance

Maintaining a boat's quality and maintenance history affects upkeep costs. You can prevent most high expenses by avoiding damage and proper use of the boat.

Consistent annual maintenance costs result from buying a boat that has been maintained well or making sure you can give the time and effort to maintain your new boat. One example that could save money in the short term is that you store sails to save replacement costs.

Costly failures can be prevented with proper planning and common sense. Doing the repairs yourself will save you money as long as you do them correctly and hiring someone will double the cost. Maintaining a boat under 30 feet typically costs about $2,000 per year to maintain.

How to Find Used Laser Sailboats?

Finding a used Laser sailboat can help you save thousands of dollars depending on the model and age of the boat. Laser sailors will need to do a little more homework if they wish to compete in Laser sailing.

There are plenty of deals to buy good quality boats whether it is Laser dinghies or a Sunfish. Checking local marinas or places that store boats or anything besides a dealer could be your best bet. Most Laser sailboats should still hold their value if the owner showed them some love over the years.

Here are some tips for finding the best deal on a Laser boat.

  • Properly examine the hull for a smooth surface without damages or heavy marks
  • Check for consistent firmness and avoid areas that feel soft
  • Opt for dry-sailed boats that were kept on land and stored for protection
  • Watch out for water saturation and extra weight caused by improper storage
  • Look for a weight similar to the manufacturer's dry weight to get the best performance
  • If you find a used Sunfish you should aim for a weight that matches new boats for racing intentions

Why Would You Purchase a Laser Sailboat?

The Laser is a widely acclaimed adult racing boat that features a standardized box one design that guarantees fair competition for Laser sailing. This is solely dependent on the sailor's abilities and not the boat.

Racing with a Laser sailboat is a unique experience. With its demanding athleticism, subtle steering, trimming techniques, and tactical expertise, it challenges even the most skilled Laser sailors. Sailors of different ages and skill levels compete in the Laser sailboat.

These are available in two hardware versions known as XD for racing enthusiasts and Race for recreational and club sailing. Both versions offer three rig options to accommodate athletes of different sizes and ages such as:

  • Standard
  • Radial
  • 4.7
How Much Does A Laser Sailboat Cost?
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How Much Does A Laser Sailboat Cost?

How Much Does A Laser Sailboat Cost?
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