Who Makes Crest Pontoon Boats?

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Key Takeaways

  • Crest Pontoon boats are made in Ossowo, Michigan.
  • The company is renowned for building quality, premium, and luxury watercraft.
  • MasterCraft owns the company since 2018.
  • Crest has recently produced an all-electric pontoon boat.
  • Crest pontoon boats range from $30,000 to $100,000.

You are considering buying a pontoon but aren’t sure which is the best. Someone suggested that you look at Crest pontoons, but who makes Crest pontoon boats?

Crest Marine, a MasterCraft division, makes Crest pontoon boats. They are a leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of premium pontoons. Known for their durable and solid construction and built-in Michigan, Crest pontoon boats employ over 300 and are among the best pontoons on the market.

With the popularity of pontoon boats in the US market (sales are expected to double in the next five years), many Americans are investing hard, earned money in recreational watercraft. The value and versatility of pontoon boats appeal to owners, so more and more buyers are looking for the most amenities they can get for the dollars they spend. Manufacturers like Crest are responding to the increased demands of comfort-conscious consumers who feel their boats ought to have as many technical gadgets as their cars do.


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What is a Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat is a flat-decked boat held afloat by two or three aluminum tubes (pontoons) that run the boat's length on either side. Pontoons are designed to be bigger craft than a standard V-shaped boat, offering more deck space and capacity for more passengers. Many families are turning to pontoons or tri-toons (three tubes) as a part of recreational water activities.

Generally, a pontoon is not as nimble or agile as a V-shaped boat and consequently takes longer to turn. Although some pontoons have large outboard motors, the pontoon is designed to be a water cruiser rather than a speedy craft.

Pontoons are at their best when used on freshwater applications, although some pontoons are owned by coastal boaters who like their versatility. Due to their construction, they are not made for deep-sea journeys.

Who Makes Crest Boats?

Crest Marine LLC was formed in 2010 by a small group of Michigan investors looking for a solid company that produced recreational watercraft. Their attention was set on Maurell Boats, which had been run by the owner, Maurice Schell, for nearly fifty years. The group purchased Maurell and renamed the company Crest Marine.

In 2018, Crest Marine became a subsidiary of MasterCraft. For several years, MasterCraft has had three competing pontoon boat manufacturing companies. In 2022, MasterCraft divested NauticStar to Iconic Marine Group but kept the Crest and MasterCraft brands.

Built-in Owosso, Michigan, a small rural community about an hour outside of Detroit.

The manufacturing plant employs about 309 workers. In 2021, the company announced additional expansion and hiring in response to several years of consistent growth and sales.

Are Crest Pontoons Worth Buying?

Crest has a reputation for building quality premium pontoon boats. There are several reasons why boat owners have made Crest a leading pontoon boat manufacturer.

Construction Quality

There is a lot to like about how Crest pontoon boats are made. The company uses some of the best marine components, including a specialized aluminum alloy, four-chamber fully sealed tubes, superior structural supports, and fully welded construction at every joint, providing additional stability in the water. There is a reason why Crest boats have some of the highest residual values on the market.

The company offers an excellent bow-to-stern warranty, along with a limited lifetime hull and structural warranty. The warranty is one of the best in the business and should provide peace of mind for boat owners across the US and Canada.


Many pontoon boats are designed to be large and bulky and, as a result, don’t move in the water with any finesse. Crest boats are designed with an athletic sleekness that prowls over the water. The boat just looks luxurious, with rich tones and paint schemes. The woodgrain tables and railings offer an expensive feel.

The company offers a program where owners can build their own boats, choosing various colors or amenities. In response to the ever-demanding consumer, Crest has followed the paradigm of many leading car manufacturers, who take orders and build vehicles to order rather than flooding dealers with generic models that sit gathering dust.

Comfort and Convenience

Crest pontoons are filling the void many current owners' have with amenities like built-in coolers, changing rooms, and factory-installed sound systems in an age of consumer convenience. Seating is on the luxurious side, with ergonomically designed helm chairs built with Permaguard Vinyl, which is highly resistant to stains, scrapes, and scuffs.

Wrap-around seating configurations are built to enhance the communal aspect of the pontoon or tri-toon experience.


There is no use in purchasing a luxury pontoon if it won’t perform as you want it to. Crest has held itself to a high-performance standard by offering several engine choices. (Our preference is to pay the extra 12 grand for the powered by twin Mercury 300 HP, V8 four-stroke engines. The standard pontoon can reach speeds over 40 mph, with its tri-toon pushing 50. (There is no real reason to go that fast in a flat-bottomed boat, just saying).

The company has recently introduced an electric pontoon boat, appropriately named Current, and powered by an Epropulason 3.0 Evo Motor. The advantage of an electric pontoon is that it creates no carbon footprint while being juiced by a 48W E175 battery.

Customer Service

Crest was recently recognized and awarded for the third year for Outstanding Customer Service in the Pontoon Boat Industry. Their website is very easy to navigate and can refer you to any of the 120 dealer partners across the county, where your new pontoon boat can be picked up when it is finished being built.

How Much Does a Crest Boat Cost?

Currently, Crest offers ten models of pontoon or tri-toon boats with almost unlimited seating configurations. The options allow owners to design every aspect of their boat, from the seating to the color, to the amenity upgrades like sound systems, enhanced tow bars, or even chaise lounge chairs. Their boats range in price from $30,000 to $100,000 minus the engine.

The base Classic LX model starts at $29,384 and has three upgrade options (Fish, DLX, and Platinum) with multiple seating arrangements and amenity options, including a 150 HP motor choice. The boats are offered in 20 - 25 foot lengths, and are typically 8 to 10 feet wide.

Crest offers more deluxe models, including their Caribbean and Continental models, which can run from the mid-forties to closer to $100,000. The top-of-the-line model (NSX) comes with a windshield, large-screen GPS, and premium sound.

The crest is one of the few pontoon boat manufacturers to offer an electric pontoon boat. With the plethora of EV autos on our highways, and automobile manufacturers seemingly trying to ride the new technology to widespread sales, Crest seems willing to follow suit. They have embraced the technology, and the company is attempting to do its part to limit its carbon exposure. This early adoption of EV usage will likely set the company in a prime position to capture even more sales in the years to come.

Who Makes Crest Pontoon Boats?
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Who Makes Crest Pontoon Boats?

Who Makes Crest Pontoon Boats?
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