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Key Takeaways

  • The Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover is high-quality, durable, and extremely easy to use. It has features like a snapless design and custom fit, making it one of the best.
  • You can order a new custom Bennington pontoon cover from Tumacs Covers. They are the manufacturer of these covers.
  • Using a Bennington winter cover is a smart way to protect the boat better, save on storage costs, and reduce theft risk.

Bennington is known as one of the best Pontoon boat brands in the world. But they also have some of the most impressive winter cover designs too.

The Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover has a snapless design for easy installation. The high-quality material is one of a kind, and the shock cord hem is another reliable feature for a better seal. It’s also a custom fit cover to fit each individual Bennington pontoon boat perfectly.

We have tested the Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover, so we understand the pros and cons. This guide will analyze the key features you get with this cover. Keep reading to find out more.


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Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover Review

Bennington is an industry leader in the boating world. They manufacture and sell luxury pontoon boats, and their pontoon lineup is one of the most impressive of any brand in the world.

And anybody who owns one of these boats understands that with every purchase is a custom-made pontoon winter cover. Unlike any third-party pontoon boat cover design, they are built specifically for the corresponding Bennington pontoon model with unique features.

Snapless Design

Putting boat covers on our Bennington boat can be a hassle, especially when there are dozens of snap locks around the edges to seal the cover.

Luckily, the custom Bennington pontoon covers are a completely snapless design.

Custom Fit

The other great thing about this pontoon cover is the custom fit. There is no need to worry about measurements and sizing because the cover is custom-built for each individual boat based on the dimensions.

It will cover the entire boat and it’s one of the most versatile pontoon boat covers available.

High-Quality Material

The exact fabric used will vary by boat, but typically the standard cover is a Sur Last, Aqualon, or Sunbrella marine-grade fabric. They are offered in various color choices too.

This material will provide excellent durability, UV resistance, and water resistance, and it’s fully breathable. There is no cotton mix in any Bennington covers, reducing the risk of tears, rips, or a lack of airflow inside the boat.

Shock Cord Hem

The larger shock cord hem is built into the cover to help tie down the cover around the edges of the boat. This creates a tighter seal, so no leaks or infestations happen.

It also contributes to the sturdiness and durability of the covers. They won’t come loose during cold temperatures or high winds, and the boat always remains protected.

Why You Need A Bennington Winter Pontoon Boat Cover

Having a good quality boat cover is an important part of taking care of your boat and protecting it in the long run.

Not only does it keep your boat clean, but it also keeps its resale value high when we eventually sell it one day to upgrade to a newer boat. Here are some other benefits of having a high-quality Bennington winter cover.

Scratch & Dent Resistance

The most obvious reason to use one of these covers is because of the improved scratch and dent resistance. They are made with durable materials, so the boat’s exterior is better equipped to avoid accidental damage.

This is especially helpful when storing the boat outside or while transporting it to a storage facility. Both scenarios present a high risk of scratching or denting the boat, but with this cover, it can be avoided.

Protects From Infestation

Another reason why these covers are helpful for winter storage is to avoid infestation. It’s common for rats, inspects, and other pests to find their way inside a boat when it’s uncovered in storage.

Rats and mice getting inside the boat is a big problem, especially when the pontoon is stored in a larger facility. This mooring cover has enough quality to seal and protect the boat well.

Reduced Risk Of Theft

We also love this cover because it reduces the chance of someone getting inside the boat to steal anything. The tight-fitting seal provides excellent boat protection, especially in long-term storage.

Using a cover like this when the boat is still in the water is also recommended to help reduce theft. It makes the boat a less inviting target for thieves and could save us from unwanted visitors getting inside our boat.

Lower Storage Costs

We can save much on storage costs when using a high-quality custom Bennington cover. This cover holds up during winter, so we can purchase an indoor storage space at a facility or marina.

The cover is also included with our boat. Because of this cover, it lasts longer, and we rarely need to spend any money on storage expenses. It’s also a better long term option than shrink wrapping the boat.

Excellent Weather & UV Resistance

The Bennington boat covers will block 99% of harmful UV rays and help to protect the boat’s interior, exterior surfaces, and equipment from fading or cracking due to sun exposure. It’s an awesome, UV resistant cover.

It also has a durable fabric that repels water droplets and helps to stop mold and mildew growth on seats, instruments, and other materials inside the boat that could be ruined by an ample amount of moisture.

How To Install A Bennington Pontoon Boat Cover

Installing these boat covers is extremely easy compared to other options in the industry. Follow the steps below to get it done quickly.

Choose A Storage Location

Before even touching this pontoon boat cover, choose a storage location. This will determine what we do with the boat because keeping it outdoors requires extra protection and other winterization steps to keep it safe during the cold.

It’s also better to store a pontoon boat indoors when possible. This eliminates the risk of a cover getting snow or ice on it, meaning it’s less likely to rip, tear, or leak.

Clear The Inside Of The Boat

Next, clean the inside of the boat and make room for the support system. A support system is a must-have, especially when keeping the boat outdoors.

This will create room inside the boat while adding extra support below the cover. But the boat must be clean with plenty of space inside to fit it.

Unfold The Cover

After the boat is prepared, we can unfold the cover. This allows us to strategize, locate the corners, and prepare to place it over the boat. It’s better to do this with someone helping, but the snapless design also makes it easy to do alone.

Position The Cover

Start to position the cover over the boat. Placing the cover completely over the boat first is possible, depending on where we store it. Then we can adjust as needed as we progress from one side to the other.

Secure The Cover At The Bow

It’s best to start at the bow. Secure the cover here first before moving on. This will lock the cover in place so it won’t shift out of place while we try to secure it on the other sides.

Seal The Sides

Lastly, seal the sides, and the boat is finished and ready for storage. This should keep it protected from harsh winter conditions because of the water resistant material.

Do Bennington Pontoon Boats Come With A Custom Cover?

Bennington is a premium brand, and every one of their pontoon boats is sold with a custom cover. Not only does this save us money, but we also get something built for our specific boat size and floor plan.

Typically, every custom cover is sold snapless, and we can bring them to a local canvas shop to add snaps if preferred. However, we prefer the snapless feature because it’s easier to put on the boat.

They also provide a tight seal to protect the boat during winter. These custom covers exceed expectations and outperform competitors' options because of the high-quality material.

Where To Get A Replacement Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover

All custom Bennington pontoon winter covers are designed and manufactured by Tumacs Covers. This is a premium pontoon cover brand, and they do third-party fulfillment for brands like Bennington.

If we ever need a replacement cover or want to repair or customize our current cover, Tumacs is the place to go. They have various locations and partnerships with other dealers, so it’s usually not an issue finding a place to buy a cover.

There are other aftermarket covers worth considering too. These will serve as reliable replacements for most pontoon boats.

  • Yescom Cover
  • Playpen Cover
  • Vortex Cover
  • Budge Cover

Other Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover Tips

Storing a pontoon boat during the winter months requires proper planning. Here are a few more tips to ensure the boat is well-protected for the upcoming boating season.

Consider Other Cover Types

Every Bennington boat includes a customer winter cover, but we still have the choice to look for another option. Depending on the storage method, it might be beneficial to invest in something different for better winter boat protection.

Always Check The Cover Seal

The cover seal is critical. Without it, the boat will get wet or be more vulnerable to infestations from rats or insects. We recommend checking the chord hem as often as possible to ensure everything remains intact.

Keep The Boat Raised Off The Ground During Winter

Lastly, avoid storing the boat flat on the ground during the winter. It’s better to raise the boat with storage or cinder blocks if no trailer is available.

This is a critical storage tip. Pontoons wear out much faster when the aluminum base sits directly on the ground because of the cold weather, snow, ice, and water.

Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover Review
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Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover Review

Bennington Pontoon Winter Cover Review
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