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Key Takeaways

  • The three best boat cover supports are the Better Boat Cover Support, iCOVER Boat Cover Support Poles, and Sinobell Boat Cover Support.
  • We also recommend the Carver Industries Boat Cover Support, Camco Boat Cover Support, Pontoon Boat Solutions Support, Taylor Made Cover Support and Extreme Marine Arnall’s Arch Support.
  • We can opt to use an adjustable support pole, strap system, or bow slats when choosing a support system type.

Storing a pontoon boat requires more than just a cover. The best support system is needed to keep the cover upright to avoid sagging when it rains or snows.

The best pontoon boat cover support systems:

  1. Better Boat Cover Support
  2. iCOVER Boat Cover Support Poles
  3. Sinobell Boat Cover Support
  4. Carver Industries Boat Cover Support
  5. Camco Boat Cover Support
  6. Pontoon Boat Solutions Support
  7. Taylor Made Cover Support
  8. Extreme Marine Arnall’s Arch Support

In this guide, we will discuss the different types of pontoon boat cover support systems available and help readers pick the one that’s best for their needs. We have tested each recommended product and used our years of experience to identify the best options on the market worth using.


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8 Best Pontoon Boat Cover Support Systems

A boat cover is essential to keep the interior well-protected when storing a pontoon boat. This is especially true if the boat is kept outdoors during the winter when it rains and snows often.

But when a cover is installed on a pontoon boat, it cannot support itself. There needs to be a support system to help the cover remain upright without sinking or sagging. This is when pontoon cover support systems come in handy.

This guide is a list of handpicked products that are proven to work. We have tested each and highly recommend each as a reliable solution to any pontoon storage issues.

1. Better Boat Adjustable Support System

Better Boat Adjustable Support System
Better Boat Adjustable Support System

The Better Boat Adjustable Support System is our top pick for several reasons. First, it’s easily adjustable, which is needed for all pontoon boat owners. It can be adjusted between 23.5" to 56"in height.

It has a universal fit for nearly every type of boat cover. Every purchase includes a cap and an end piece for setting up these support poles. They can attach to the floor inside the boat and remain in place so the cover doesn't sink or sag.

The rounded cap at the top of the pole is designed to provide suitable cover support without tearing, ripping, or puncturing it. It’s also one of the easiest pontoon support systems to install.

What Sets This Support System Apart

This support system stands out because of the durable marine-grade aluminum tarp poles. They won’t bend or break during storage, providing excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

These poles have solid rigidity, so users can expect them to hold up in the harshest winter conditions. It also does well to avoid sagging when snow falls on top of the boat’s cover.


  • Maximum flexibility and adjustability (23.5" to 56")
  • One of the easiest installation options
  • Durable aluminum with excellent rust and corrosion resistance
  • Universal fit


  • Most boats need more than two poles, so it can be expensive.
  • Avoid using these poles with covers over 24 feet.

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

We recommend this cover for anybody with a pontoon boat between 20 and 23 feet long. It works best with this boat size, and we prefer to use another option with boats longer than 24 feet.

However, adding more support poles will solve this issue. This is ideal for any pontoon boat owner as they will spend a little more to get extra poles to support the cover properly.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • We recommend using Amazon to find this support system available for $59.99 with fast shipping and delivery times.

2. iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole System

iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole System
iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole System

The iCover Boat Support System is a more affordable choice with excellent durability. It’s versatile with an adjustable height between 23” to 56.” It has a lock and twist functionality for quick adjustments too.

The design includes one 56-foot long strap with adjustable hooks on the end and two bucks. This is a crucial feature because of the quick release and length adjustment, so it can wrap around the entire boat to provide more study support.

The other great thing about this support system is the 12-month warranty. Customers can test it out for a winter season to see how well it holds up. If anything goes wrong, it can be returned for a full refund.

What Sets This Support System Apart

The telescoping pole design and height adjustability are the two key features that make this a reliable pontoon cover support pole system. It protects the cover from sagging, collapsing, and ripping.

Adjusting the pole to about 3 to 5" over the windshield height is recommended. This works best with a mooring cover and protects the entire boat from rough conditions like heavy rain.


  • Vico Marine Boat Vent Cap 2 compatibility
  • Longer strap with quick release option and length adjustment
  • Three slit cap for extra tightening capabilities
  • Strong & durable aluminum pole construction


  • Not the longest-lasting option
  • Needs to buy multiple systems to support the boat cover

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

We prefer this support system for bigger boats between 24 and 25 feet long. However, any larger than 25 feet becomes an issue, and the support system likely needs a longer strap to fit.

It’s also possible to double up and buy multiple kits. This would give us more support poles but wouldn't solve the strap length issue.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • First, check out Amazon to find this cover in various packages and kits, starting at $39.75.
  • iCover also sells the support system directly to consumers with a starting price of $32.99.

3. Sinobell Boat Cover Support System

Sinobell Boat Cover Support System
Sinobell Boat Cover Support System

The Sinobell Cover Support System adds style and flair to any boat. The tall support poles can be adjusted between 19 and 54 inches in height and have a black and gold exterior finish.

Sinobell claims this product provides 60-80% higher performance than any other support rods or poles on the market. It stands up through hurricanes and snow with an enlarged base, double lock feature, and thickened aluminum alloy coating.

What Sets This Support System Apart

This support system has many key features that stand out, but the weight resistance and double-lock feature are the most obvious. It has a maximum capacity of 111 pounds, so it’s nearly impossible for it to break.

It also has a simple installation method by placing the cover over the poles or a more complex one. The advanced installation method involves cutting holes in the cover and using the screw caps for a tighter sealer and more secure support.


  • Double safety lock design
  • Multi-functional cap design with a silicone base
  • High-quality material construction
  • Excellent marine-grade aluminum alloy durability


  • Some complaints about the sturdiness of the support poles

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

This is the ideal cover to use in rain and snow-heavy environments. It has a unique structural engineering to adjust easily. One reason is because of the solid retractable base.

The base has an anti-slip silicone cover, so it never tips over or tilts during storage. It has been thoroughly tested in some harsh and windy weather conditions to ensure it will serve as a reliable cover support system.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • This support pole is available on Amazon for $39.99 per piece. We recommend at least two for $78.99.

4. Carver Industries Boat Cover Support System

Carver Industries Boat Cover Support System
Carver Industries Boat Cover Support System

The Carver Industries Support System is among the most unique options. Rather than using metal support poles, the design is a vinyl strap that extends across the boa underneath the cover to keep it balanced and sturdy, so it won’t sag.

The design includes two pre-installed, adjustable 20-foot straps with a quick-snapping tow hook. Two of these tow hooks ensure it holds up well, despite the rain, snow, ice, or windy conditions when the boat is outdoors.

What Sets This Support System Apart

The different style is what sets this support system apart from other options. Because of the 20-foot straps and the longer 40-foot adjustable strap, this support system can fit on all pontoon boat sizes up to 28 feet in length.

This is the ideal option worth considering for larger pontoon owners. It also includes one support pole for the middle of the boat to increase the stability of the straps, and installation is as easy as it gets when using this product.


  • Simple installation instructions
  • Weather-resistant vinyl design with a heavy-duty support pole
  • Best option to avoid pooling water on the cover
  • Easy to combine two systems for pontoons and larger boats


  • We have heard complaints about the durability after one winter season

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

We recommend this pontoon support system to any bigger boat owners. The adjustable straps make it much easier to set up for longer boats, so anybody with a boat between 25-28 feet can make good use of this.

But two systems are required for all pontoons. Both systems can join easily, so the frame is perfectly aligned and balanced.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • This support system is available at Amazon for $45 with fast delivery times.
  • It’s also possible to shop directly with Carver, and they can direct buyers to local dealers in the area.

5. Camco Pontoon Boat Cover Support

Camco Pontoon Boat Cover Support
Camco Pontoon Boat Cover Support

The Camco Pontoon Boat Cover Support is another amazing option for pontoon owners looking for a better way to keep their covers upright. This support system reduces the risk of water pooling on the cover.

We also love this product because it has multiple support poles, heavy-duty straps, and a boat hook. The supports have a unique design, so they are completely self-standing to provide excellent cover stability.

What Sets This Support System Apart

What sets this product apart is the support pole's durability and overall stability. Each one has a support plate on the top and bottom, so they always stand upright, and there is no risk of the pole ripping the cover.

The polyester straps can also be adjusted to find massive pontoon boats up to 33 feet long. This is the most versatile option we have found so far when factoring in boat size.


  • Adjustable cover height between 30” and 50”
  • Durable top and bottom pole support plates
  • Maintains a good cover angle to eliminate water pooling
  • Excellent water resistance


  • Not the easiest system to install

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

It’s best to purchase a cover support system based on sizing to match the boat. But this product is especially helpful to people with larger pontoon boats up to 33 feet long.

It works best for these larger boats and is excellent for winter storage because of the support plates. It does a great job of remaining sturdy despite the conditions and eliminates water pooling.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • Amazon has this support system available for $110.77.
  • It’s also available with Hodges Marine for $98.61, but they also charge for shipping.

6. Pontoon Boat Solutions Canvas Support System

Pontoon Boat Solutions Canvas Support System
Pontoon Boat Solutions Canvas Support System

The Pontoon Boat Solutions Canvas Support System is ideal for boat storage. It utilizes robust and strong aluminum, and polyvinyl chloride supports to help keep the cover of a pontoon boat securely in place.

This system works well as it can easily be installed with just one person, and no tools are required, making it easy to transport and install. The supports easily slide on and off without requiring nails, drilling, bolts, or glue.

It also offers superior stability that ensures the cover will not become loose or torn due to wind or other external forces, which is key when storing a boat outdoors in any weather condition.

What Sets This Support System Apart

This is a canvas design support system, so there is no support pole. Instead, there is an aluminum rise, plastic arch makers, and PVC-style connectors with durable end caps.

They install easily over the dome of the pontoon. This cover provides the most balanced support across the boat. This is one of the best storage methods to avoid water pooling, and the design holds up extremely well in bad weather.


  • Fast installation
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to store dome shape for tight storage spaces


  • No canvas or PVC pipes included

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

We prefer this pontoon boat cover support if we have no help during installation or for someone with a lower storage area. It’s better because it won’t raise the boat's height too high.

This allows us to store the boat in a garage with lower ceilings. But it’s worth noting that this is also a more expensive option, so people with a larger budget only prefer it.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • Check out Amazon to find this support system available for $209.99.

7. Taylor Made Marine Cover Support System

Taylor Made Marine Cover Support System
Taylor Made Marine Cover Support System

The Taylor Made Marine Cover Support System is an excellent option for boat storage. It comprises a strong white powder-coated steel frame and a durable, waterproof PVC-coated polyester fabric top, providing superior protection from the elements.

The system includes two universal mounting brackets that allow for easy installation on any surface, making it ideal for boats stored in both indoor and outdoor environments.

What Sets This Support System Apart

It has a support pole with two adjustable legs allowing us to tailor the height of the frame depending on your needs and requirements. This ensures enough space between your boat's hull and cover while providing sufficient ventilation to prevent mildew or mold growth underneath the cover.

The unique design of this support system ensures that the cover remains taught at all times, preventing stretching or tearing due to wind stress or other conditions.


  • Solid rust, mold, mildew, and water resistance
  • Non-marring materials that won’t scuff key areas of the boat
  • Easy to install
  • Durable molded hooks to never sag, rip, or break


  • Lack of weight capacity
  • Not tall enough for trailering

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

This system should be avoided by anybody planning on trailering their boats in storage. It does work well with other types of storage, though, and we really low how well it holds up against the rain.

It works well with snap covers too. It’s a better choice for people with previous experience using support systems because getting the most from this system can be confusing to less experienced pontoon boat owners.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • We love using Amazon to buy this cover support system because it costs $66.91 and includes everything we need.

8. Extreme Marine Arnall’s Arch Support System

Extreme Marine Arnall’s Arch Support System
Extreme Marine Arnall’s Arch Support System

The Extreme Marine Arnall's Arch Support System is a revolutionary boat storage solution. It offers unparalleled durability and stability, ensuring our boat remains safe and secure when stored away.

The arch support system features an extra wide foundation and an interlocking design, ensuring a strong support platform for all boat models. The adjustable height feature lets us properly adjust the distance between the arches, allowing for optimal clearance of even the tallest boat models.

What Sets This Support System Apart

The arch support system also provides superior protection against water damage by isolating the boat from the ground with its deep vinyl protective coating on each footplate. This prevents water from seeping into the bottom of the vessel and causing mold or rot over time.

It also has easy-to-install guide rails that make storing and retrieving boats quick and effortless. The four dual-cover arch support brackets will never fail, either. This is one of the most durable options worth using.


  • Extremely durable with heavy-duty metal brackets
  • Forms the perfect arch to support the cover without any sagging
  • Ideal for heavy snow and wind


  • Expensive
  • Requires drilling and tools to install

Who Should Use This Pontoon Boat Cover Support System?

This is a good choice when storing the pontoon outdoors. It raises the boat's height, so keeping the boat indoors with this advanced support system is not possible and pointless.

The extra durability works well in the winter to withstand snowfall and other harsh conditions. We also love how this boat includes a winterization guide to assist users with prepping their boats for the upcoming winter months.

Where To Buy This Support System

  • This system is available at Amazon today for $239.99.

Pontoon Boat Cover Support Systems: Factors To Consider

To choose the right boat cover support system, some factors must be considered. This includes the adjustability, weight capacity, material, and boat cover size.


First, look at the adjustability of the straps and the support pole with each system. Finding something that can be adjusted based on the boat cover size is ideal.

For example, many recommended options will adjust between 20” and 50”, providing plenty of versatility. This also allows us to change to a new boat cover without buying a new support system.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is also critical because many boats are kept outside. The boat cover alone has minimal support for rain and snow, but this support will increase the weight capacity, so the boat cover never sags.


Next, consider the cover support pole and strap material. Popular choices include stainless steel frames that offer superior strength and lightweight properties, meaning easier transportation during set up/take down whenever needed.

Many of these products will also include rear tow hooks. These can attach to the boat cover support pole and they fit on most pontoon boats.

Alternatively, aluminum frames can work just fine too. And for added peace of mind, many companies now make tie-downs designed explicitly for pontoon boats, so ensure these are included when purchasing a new covering system.

Boat Cover Size

Cover sizes should match the size of the pontoons for maximum protection from rain and sun damage during storage periods. But the pontoon boat covers size also determines what support system we can use.

We must decide how many poles are needed based on the boat and cover size when using support poles as our system. Make a note of this while shopping for the best support system.

Types Of Pontoon Boat Cover Support Systems

Finding a quality cover support system is essential for keeping a pontoon boat safe from the elements and prolonging its life. But how do we know what system is best?

Adjustable Support Pole

The first type of pontoon boat cover support system is an individual support pole. These are great if we need to cover just one area on the pontoon boat or don't have enough space to accommodate larger systems.

They come in varying sizes and can be adjusted to fit whatever area we need them in. They are also relatively easy to install, even with minimal tools needed. They are the cheaper alternative, but costs increase if we need more than two poles.

Strap System

The next option is an adjustable canopy frame which secures the entire deck with four adjustable legs that can be moved up or down depending on our needs.

This is generally more expensive than individual poles but provides better overall protection by covering more surface area at once. This type of support system also requires some extra work when installing, like drilling holes into fiberglass or other materials.

Bow Slats

Finally, canopy frames come pre-assembled and ready to install without additional tools or hardware. These are perfect for those who don’t want any hassle during installation and prefer something that looks clean when setup is complete.

However, these can sometimes be of lower quality since they require little effort during assembly, so inspect them carefully before purchasing if going this route.

Now that we know about all the available options choosing between what's best suited for our pontoon boat and budget constraints should be easier.

How Does A Pontoon Boat Cover Support System Work?

Support systems are very different from pontoon covers, but together they work well and provide the best results while storing a boat for the winter. The support system is made up of a few components, including

  • Support poles
  • Straps
  • Support plates or pads
  • Hooks

The system creates a stable base underneath the cover, so it never sags or rips. The support pole is placed in the boat's center to lift the cover to its highest point.

Then straps are used across the boat to support other areas of the cover. So if it rains or snows, the straps and poles can keep the cover upright despite the added weight capacity of water and snow.

Depending on the cover size, the pole can be adjusted to a desired height. Depending on their storage room and whether they plan to keep anything inside the boat, this is up to each pontoon owner.

How To Install A Pontoon Boat Cover Support System

Follow these steps to install a boat cover and support system to cover the boat. This will ensure the boat is well protected during the winter and rainy season.

Step One: Assemble The Support Pole

First, we need to assemble the pole support system. The best support pole includes a rubber swivel pole base to make installation easier while adding extra stability during storage.

The boat cover support pole should easily screw together with an adjustable hook. We can worry about making the adjustments later. For now, we need to put it together before moving on.

Step Two: Assemble The Strap

Next, we can assemble the strap. Typically, the system uses larger webbing straps so it can create a tent shape above the boat.

Once the strap is assembled, we can set it aside before installing it on the boat. This will be done before we even touch the boat cover.

Step Three: Install The Support Pole

The number of poles needed depends on the system and boat size. We need at least one, which can be installed at the boat's center.

Check the instructions to see how a particular pole needs to be installed. Usually, the base will remain steady after we do some simple drilling. Then we can attach the strap to lock it in place.

Step Four: Place The Strap On The Boat

Next, we need to place the strap on the boat. Start at the front of the boat and slowly work towards the back. The strap should wrap around the front and create a tight fit to make this easy to do.

Step Five: Adjust The Strap & Pole

After the strap is installed, the pole and the strap can be adjusted based on our desired cover height. We want to create a tent shape above the boat, but the exact height will vary depending on where we plan to store the boat.

Step Six: Put The Cover On

Lastly, we can install the boat cover right over the support system. If we did the first steps correctly, this would be easy with a snug fit. We can make more adjustments as needed based on how the cover fits.

Best Pontoon Boat Cover Support Systems
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