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Key Takeaways

  • Navigation lights offer safety to you and other boaters
  • You must understand how boat navigation lights rules are important
  • Bow light and stern light are red and green respectively
  • Pontoon boat navigation lights are similar to other marine navigation lights and their use
  • The best boat navigation lights will vary based on a variety of factors to you

Boating at night requires proper lighting in order to ensure safe travels. So what are some of the best LED navigation lights?

Brands such as Shangyuan, Linkstyle, Partsam, and Obcursco make high quality LED boat navigation lights. Each brand will have a variety of factors that make them the best LED boat navigation lights such as price, quality of materials, and a super bright light.

In my years of experience some brands are definitely better than others. Price appears to be a driving factor but keep in mind what the boat lights intended use is for and how it applies to your situation.


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The Top 12 Best LED Boat Navigation Lights

Using LED boat lights is a smart choice for those who frequently sail or engage in open water activities. These are especially needed to obtain sufficient lighting for both the interior and exterior of their boat during night or dawn trips.

Partsam LED Lights

Partsam LED Lights
Partsam LED Lights

The Partsam round chrome light is a waterproof LED boat navigation light that doubles as an interior boat cabin light. It is made from top chrome bezel and high-grade plastic that make it durable and lightweight.

It comes with mounting screws and is easy to install with its flush mount. It is also compatible with 12 volt DC power.


  • Waterproof and durable against all elements
  • Can be used in both interior or exterior of your boat
  • Installation is easy and it is super bright


  • Not meant to be submerged especially in salt water
  • Cannot dim the lights

Shangyuan Boat Navigation Lights LED Strip

Shangyuan Boat Navigation Lights LED Strip
Shangyuan Boat Navigation Lights LED Strip

The Shangyuan LED boat running lights are versatile and reliable for use all over the boat. These are especially used for:

  • Stern lights
  • Bow lights
  • Starboard and port sides

These LED boat navigation lights are ideal for small boats, kayaks, pontoons, and sailboats. The 3.8-inch LED strips are green for the starboard side and red for the port side. They meet maritime requirements and are battery-powered.

These running lights can withstand harsh marine conditions and provide exceptional brightness and performance. The slim ABS casing needs careful screw tightening to avoid cracking. They are easy to install and durable even in harsh environments during hunting and winter seasons.


  • Be seen on the water with proper navigation lights
  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient


  • Overtightening the screw can damage light casing
  • Meant for small boats

Obcursco LED Navigation Lights Kit

Obcursco LED Navigation Lights Kit
Obcursco LED Navigation Lights Kit

Obcursco makes a great boat navigation light kit. This LED navigation light is perfect for low light settings and rough weather with a 12v DC power and IP67 waterproof rating.

It is corrosion-resistant and impact-proof thanks to the ABS material while tightly sealed LEDs ensure full waterproofing. With easy installation using 3M adhesive it is a versatile option for boats and land use alike.


  • Easy to adjust lights
  • Waterproof and has durable materials
  • Easy to install


  • Might need to glue the lights in addition to the 3M tape
  • Does not include instructions

Linkstyle Marine Boat Navigation Lights

Linkstyle Marine Boat Navigation Lights
Linkstyle Marine Boat Navigation Lights

Linkstyle's marine LED boat navigation lights are a durable and versatile option for various boat types. Its corrosion-resistant design features waterproof red and green LED units, an ABS plastic casing with a stainless steel enclosure, and polycarbonate-lenses lamps.

The lightweight and easy-to-install design is ideal for hunting and fishing. The 225-degree mounting angle ensures maximum luminance and safety compliance. These IP65 waterproof safety lamps use 16 LED bulbs powered by a 12V battery to widen visibility during reduced visibility conditions.


  • Lightweight and durable to outdoor marine conditions
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for smaller boats


  • Installing wrong may cause navigation issues
  • Not meant for larger boats



The OPT7 Marine LED Kit is for hassle-free and waterproof boat lighting. It features SoundSync bass-activated technology, a handheld remote, and one-touch color selection with advanced dimming options.

The kit contains four LED strips, connectors, extension wires, power harness, mounting kit, and other accessories. This beats looking for everything individually but the price point might deter some buyers wanting a simple setup.


  • Super bright lighting
  • Easy to install and plug into 12 volt power
  • Comes with remote and various light features


  • Remote is not the best quality
  • Might be overpriced for those wanting a simpler LED kit

Interwebz Boat Bow Navigation

Interwebz Boat Bow Navigation
Interwebz Boat Bow Navigation

Interwebz has waterproof LED bow navigation lights in red and green for boats that can be connected to a 12-volt battery or a standard pole. Proper labeling is required for night trips.

It has stylish mounting options for the boat's rub rail with a black cover that blends in with the exterior surfaces. Suitable for various boats such as bass, ski, and fishing boats, the lights are weatherproof with an IP68 rated silicone casing.


  • Easily seen lighting
  • Has six foot cord to connect anywhere on the boat
  • Great weatherproof rating


  • Likely have to use marine grade silicone to keep it secure

PryEU Daylight White

PryEU Daylight White
PryEU Daylight White

The PryEU Daylight White 6000K is an energy-efficient and versatile waterproof lighting fixture that uses 3M double-sided foam tape for secure attachment. It has a 12v DC voltage compatibility and consumes only 1.5 watts and makes it ideal for marine interiors and other spaces.

Installation is easy but it involves surface cleaning and sticking it to the adhesive backing. A three year warranty plus 60 days replacement and fast delivery with customer support are provided by the manufacturer.


  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Solid waterproof rating
  • Easy to install and has three year warranty


  • Might need silicone to help make it stay
  • Lights cannot be dimmed

Amzonly LED Navigation Lights

Amzonly LED Navigation Lights
Amzonly LED Navigation Lights

AMZONLY LED boat navigation lights are a versatile and top-rated kit with red and green LEDs for the bow and port side and white for the stern. They have three flashing modes and a magnetized screwdriver for easy battery changes.

This IPX5 weather-resistant light kit comes with four LEDs, 12 3-volt batteries, three elastic straps, one long armband, and a 12-month return policy. This is suitable for kayaks, yachts, motorboats, and pontoons and they can be used as a flush mount navigation light, masthead light, taillight, running light, or flashing light.


  • Easy to install kit with everything you need
  • One year return policy
  • Solid waterproof and weatherproof capabilities


  • Not intended to be submerged or soaked

Leaningtech LED Boat Navigation Lights

Leaningtech LED Boat Navigation Lights
Leaningtech LED Boat Navigation Lights

The LEANINGTECH Marine LED is a waterproof and adaptable lighting choice for boats that is known for its brightness, energy efficiency, and USCG compliance. Its durable construction from ABS plastic and chrome plaid zinc ensures both lightweight and waterproof properties with an IP65 rating.

It can serve various purposes that as a source of lighting for different types of boats. It can also serve as a bow, running, or stern light.


  • Great brightness
  • Easy to install and is made from quality materials
  • Has multiple functions for use


  • Gauge for wires is a bit small
  • Some reports say it did not hold up well in salt water conditions

Osinmax Boat Navigation Light

Osinmax Boat Navigation Light
Osinmax Boat Navigation Light

The Osinmax LED boat navigation lights is a top-rated energy-saving set that uses a 3W LED bulb and 12V DC power. With green and red lenses it offers masthead-like running lights that ensure you will be seen up to two miles.

The housing is waterproof with an IP67 high-density seal ring made of foam silicone rubber that helps prevent short circuits from splashes. The lights comply with maritime navigation, wildlife, and fisheries regulations, and install easily with one screw.


  • Low power consumption and is super bright
  • Designed to keep water out
  • Can be used as courtesy lights


  • Might need to add silicone to adhere the back side
  • Might be difficult to install on some boats

Lumitec SeaBlazeX Boat Navigation Lights

Lumitec SeaBlazeX Boat Navigation Lights
Lumitec SeaBlazeX Boat Navigation Lights

To attain premium illumination you should opt for the Lumitec SeaBlazeX LED with 12-24V DC power that emits 4,000 lumens. Its marine-grade bronze housing enables convenient flat surface installation.

It offers versatile programmable features such as cross-fade and strobe. Perfect for subaquatic use, preventing discoloration, it is available in blue, green, white, and white/blue hues.


  • Durable in salt water conditions
  • Solid underwater submersion capabilities
  • Bright lights in various colors


  • Cannot dim lights
  • Somewhat expensive compared to similar brands

Five Oceans Boat Navigation Lights

Five Oceans Boat Navigation Lights
Five Oceans Boat Navigation Lights

Boaters prefer Five Oceans' marine LED boat navigation lights for clear visibility up to two miles. These dual-function green and red lights serve as stern, flushing, and bow lights.

They are made of lightweight ABS plastic and alloy covers.They are also brighter and longer-lasting compared to other boat navigation lights.

These low-tension safety lights connect to a 12V power source for energy efficiency and superior visibility. With a UV-resistant feature and a lifespan of about 50,000 hours they are top choice. No additional sealing is required thanks to their rubber seal.


  • IP66 protection and endure splashes
  • Easily install the 3W bi-color LEDs at a 225-degree angle using the included screws
  • Bright boat navigation lights that can be seen two miles away


  • Does not look as appealing as other boat navigation lights
  • Somewhat expensive compared to similar brands

What to Expect from LED Boat Navigation Lights

To simplify your selection process when looking for LED lighting fixtures to accessorize, you will need to research a variety of factors based on your needs. If you wish to upgrade or replace your boat navigation lights here are some key factors to consider.

Lighting Capability

LED lights have evolved to meet diverse lighting needs with some producing clear white light and others providing brightness from any direction. Lumens is the term used to describe the amount of light generated by a particular brand of LED lights.

Angle of the Lights

To avoid eye damage it is crucial to factor in the beam angle when purchasing LED boat lights. Read reviews from past customers to gauge the intensity of the light directed at you or from an angle. Strong LED lighting fixtures can harm your eyes so be cautious.

Energy Efficiency

Comparing the percentage of energy needed to produce sufficient light is crucial when selecting lighting fixtures such as LED lights. Higher lumens per watt make LED lights more cost-effective in terms of energy consumption.

Red Light Output

Excessive heat generation in boat LED lights is a significant concern for buyers. To ensure optimal lighting quality it is crucial to consider the heat output of the chosen LED light.

Ease of Installation

Multiple installation techniques for navigation lights cater to different boating needs but mount components should be ensured for both wired and battery-operated choices. Mounting options range from screws to armbands.

Wired lights are recommended for safety while small boats can benefit from the versatility of battery-operated LED lights. The chosen installation method impacts functionality, service life, and safety, ultimately safeguarding lives and property.


LED light prices will vary depending on select features such as materials used and the manufacturer's design availability. Choosing a manufacturer depends on the buyer's budget and preferences for the intended use of the boating adventure.

Customized features and extended warranty may result in higher prices. To obtain the finest LED light bargain you should scrutinize LED boat lighting warranties that typically span from one to seven years. Do not settle for one that is the cheapest option since it might not suit your intended use or last as long as you may hope.

Quality Materials

To ensure the longevity of LED lights it is crucial for prospective buyers to consider the material used. If the material is prone to rust then the light will eventually corrode.

Always check the manufacturer's material-composition and avoid products made primarily of alloy coating. You should for opt for a top-grade metal or alloy material from a reputable LED light brand.

IP Rating

Your lighting source must be tightly sealed and capable of withstanding harsh weather and moisture. When using LED lights for marine and saltwater expeditions, verify the IP rating.

Look for an IP67 rated LED product. This means it confirms its ability to endure any weather conditions and even some underwater submersion.

Why You Need LED Boat Navigation Lights

LED navigation lights offer numerous benefits. They primarily are designed to allow safe transport on the waterways so that other boats can see you.

Choose quality LED lights for greater energy efficiency and significant cost savings compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lights have diverse uses on land and sea, being useful for lighting homes, businesses, and buildings.

Marine LED cabin lights have become popular as decorative lighting inside homes, while others use LEDs for entertainment, transportation, spotlighting, or reading. LEDs are considered essential lighting tools in any setting.

Other reasons to have efficient ones include:

  • Easy installation and durable marine-grade construction
  • Versatile performance options based on different brands
  • Improved visibility for boat status and navigation
  • Helps prevent accidents caused by extreme weather and reduced visibility
  • Retain compliance with wildlife and marine laws
  • Multiple usage options in other marine applications

Differences in LED Boat Navigation Lights

The boat light packaging is compact upon delivery and LED lights operate similarly to incandescent bulbs. They are initially designed for lighting boats but a lot of these lights now serve multiple purposes and come in various types.

  • Navigation: Are essential for indicating the position and direction of sea vessels. Usually with red and green lights in addition to white.
  • Anchor: The anchor light serves to locate and signal the presence of a docked vessel
  • White: Provides adequate lighting all around the boat
  • Deck: These lights offer lighting in areas that you walk through often
  • Dock: Serve as bright illumination for boaters or mariners during departure or arrival at a marina
  • Underwater: These are submerged or placed near water to lure sea creatures during nighttime fishing expeditions.
  • Search: Search lights are essential for boat users to locate objects on deck or in water.

Which Colors Do You Need for Your Boat?

Boat navigation lights consist of red sidelight for port side and green sidelight for starboard side. White lights serve as anchor, masthead, or stern lights.

If you cannot remember how to tell the two apart you can always think of port red wine. There is a saying that you can easily remember such as “there is no red port wine left”. This way you do not have to worry about the starboard side since it works itself out in the phrase if you can remember the port side.

Navigation lights are unnecessary for illumination during normal boat motion except in low visibility conditions. If you decide to use other lights on your boat make sure that they are not in use during lower light conditions so that other boaters are not confused by your setup.

Best LED Navigation Lights
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