How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat Trailer?

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Key Takeaways

  • The average pontoon boat trailer is 8-10 feet wide, but larger pontoons are even bigger. Typically, these trailers won’t be any wider than 12 feet.
  • When choosing a pontoon boat trailer, look for one that is 2-4 feet longer and 2-3 feet wider than the actual boat for optimal towing balance and added storage capacity.
  • The average carrying capacity of a pontoon boat trailer is between 3,000 and 6,500 pounds depending on the trailer’s length and width.

One of the best ways to store and transport a pontoon boat is with a trailer. But the size of the trailer matters, so let's see how wide these trailers are.

The average pontoon boat trailer is 8-10 feet wide, but this can change based on the trailer size and the boat size. It’s possible to increase the width of the trailer to 12 feet for bigger boats, and it’s unlikely we’ll need a trailer wider than 12 feet for any average pontoon boat.

Based on our experience in the industry, the standard pontoon boat width is roughly 8 feet, but this can vary between 6-12 feet total. Using this knowledge, we can understand pontoon boat trailers and how wide they should be to haul a specific boat size.


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How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat Trailer?

The average width of a pontoon boat trailer is 8-10 feet, depending on the size of the boat. It is much wider than an ordinary trailer to accommodate the pontoon boat.

A pontoon boat trailer typically has two axles and two tires per axle, totaling four tires. The maximum width for an extra large pontoon boat is around 12 feet, so some trailers are larger to accommodate this boat size.

This trailer is wider because it accommodates the boat's width and provides extra storage space. Finding the right pontoon boat trailer also includes the trailer length, ensuring it’s big enough for the boat.

How Long Is A Pontoon Boat Trailer?

The length of a pontoon boat trailer is similar to an ordinary trailer, and the exact length needed will depend on the boat's size. On average, most pontoon boats fit on an 18-21 foot trailer.

The length of a pontoon boat will also determine how long the pontoon boat trailer needs to be, which in turn determines how much space we need to tow it in our vehicle. This also impacts the towing weight.

The pontoon boat trailer should be about 3-4 feet longer than the pontoon boat. This allows for space on the trailer for cargo while still having enough room to angle the boat for optimal balance and towing stability.

How To Find The Right Pontoon Boat Trailer Size

Pontoon boats are usually flat-bottomed and have a center console. They are designed to be stable in the water, which is why they are great for fishing and cruising.

Because of their unique shape and design, they are towed a bit differently, too. Consider factors like the boat size, weight, trailer type, trailer capacity, and budget when finding the proper trailer size.

Boat Size

The actual boat size is the first factor to consider when looking for the right pontoon boat trailer size. This includes the dimensions by measuring the length and width of the boat.

There are specific trailers built for each pontoon size. We always recommend using a bigger trailer to be safe by adding 2-3 feet to the trailer size compared to the boat size.

Boat Weight

Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the boat. Each pontoon boat trailer has a maximum weight capacity, and the last thing we want to do is overload the trailer.

This can cause damage to the axles and wheels and make it dangerous to tow the trailer and boat with us if it’s above the recommended weight capacity.

Trailer Type

Typically, the trailer size needed will match one of these trailer types. This includes a single-axle, dual-axle, or triple-axle trailer.

A single-axle trailer with a tongue weight capacity of 2,300 pounds or less. This type of trailer will work well with small pontoon boats with an average length between 14-20 feet.

A dual-axle trailer with a tongue weight capacity of 2,200 to 4,500 pounds. This type of trailer will work well with medium pontoon boats with a length between 20-28 feet.

Lastly, the triple-axle trailer is the strongest, with a weight capacity of 4,500 to 6,500 pounds. This is best used for massive pontoons or towing two small pontoon boats simultaneously with a length between 27-35 feet.

Price & Budget

The last factor to keep in mind is budget. If there is no budget, buying a large pontoon boat trailer is a good option because it can handle all pontoon sizes with plenty of weight capacity and width.

What Size Trailer Do You Need For Your Pontoon Boat?

The general rule of thumb when calculating the right-sized trailer for a pontoon boat is adding 2-4 feet in length and 2-3 feet in width to the trailer size compared to the boat size.

For example, an 18-foot long and 8-foot wide pontoon boat would best fit on a 21-foot long and 10-foot wide pontoon boat trailer. This is just an example, and it’s fine to go even larger as long as the boat gets strapped down securely.

We want to avoid using a trailer that's too small to fit a boat. This would be dangerous because it’s difficult for the trailer to remain stable and balanced, and the weight capacity is likely too low.

Overloading the trailer will cause damage to the boat, the trailer, and the vehicle towing both the boat and trailer. Avoid this problem at all costs.

What Is The Carrying Capacity Of A Pontoon Boat Trailer?

Pontoon boat sizes can vary widely depending on the total passenger capacity, engine size, budget, etc. Because of this, there are also many different pontoon boat trailers to accommodate these boat sizes.

Typically, pontoons are broken into three categories:  small, medium, and large boats. We will explain the expected weight and trailer carrying capacity for each.

Small Pontoon Boat

On average, a small pontoon boat will weigh between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds. Plenty of trailers meet this weight limit, and the expected dimensions on this boat are 20 feet in length and 7-8 feet in width.

Any pontoon boat under 20 feet long is categorized as small. This means any small pontoon trailer is suitable for this boat, and most 18-20 foot long trailers can tow up to 3,000 pounds.

Medium Pontoon Boat

Next, we have the medium pontoon boat, which is a bit bigger and heavier. A medium pontoon is categorized between 20 and 24 feet in length, and usually, the width is 9-10 feet.

The average weight for a medium pontoon boat is between 2,400 and 3,100 pounds. A small pontoon boat trailer will likely need more carrying capacity.

Large Pontoon Boat

Lastly, we have a large pontoon boat. This is any pontoon longer than 24 feet and tends to reach widths up to 12 feet depending on the passenger capacity and design.

It also weighs more, and these large 24-foot trailers will have a carrying capacity of up to 6,500 pounds. They are also more expensive, but they work exceptionally well.

How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat Trailer?
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How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat Trailer?

How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat Trailer?
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