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Key Takeaways

  • The three best ways to store a pontoon boat without a trailer are by using pontoon storage blocks, a dolly system, or renting an enclosed space at a storage facility.
  • When storing a pontoon boat, always use an enclosed area to protect the boat, clean the boat thoroughly, use a durable boat cover, and remove the battery.
  • Never leave a pontoon boat flat on the ground in storage during the winter because it can tip over, freeze, get infested with rodents or insects, and get damaged.

Pontoon boats are big and heavy, requiring an extra-large storage space, so when we are without a trailer, we need to be creative in storing it.

It’s not as easy to store a pontoon boat without a trailer, but it can be done with storage blocks, a pontoon boat stand, a pontoon dolly system, or renting an enclosed storage area. These options will keep the boat well-protected in colder conditions and during the winter months.

Pontoon boat storage is more accessible than most boats because they are easy to transport. They also have a unique shape and design, which is ideal for storage needs, and we will explain below how to store them without a traditional trailer.


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How To Store A Pontoon Boat Without A Trailer

If you own a pontoon boat but don't have a trailer to store it on, there are still ways to keep the boat safe and secure during the off-season.

There are a few methods to consider when storing a pontoon boat without a trailer. For example, many pontoon boat owners prefer using blocks or stands to support the hull.

It’s essential to have a storage support system, so the boat is not sitting on the ground for long. We have listed the best options below.

Use Pontoon Boat Storage Blocks

First, we will need to purchase storage blocks specifically designed to support the weight of a pontoon boat. These blocks should be placed on a level surface, such as a driveway or a storage garage floor, and should be spaced evenly to support the boat's entire length.

Next, we will need to position your pontoon boat over the storage blocks, ensuring that the blocks are placed under the boat's pontoons.

Once the boat is securely positioned on the blocks, we can use straps or tie-down cords to secure it and prevent it from moving or shifting during storage.

It's vital to ensure that the storage blocks are placed on a level surface and that the boat is evenly supported to prevent it from tipping or falling over.

It’s best to cover the boat with a tarp or boat cover to protect it from the elements and prevent dust and debris from accumulating on its surfaces.

Boat owners can purchase blocks specifically designed for boat storage or use cinder blocks or wooden blocks as a more economical option.

Use A Dolly System

Pontoon boats can also be stored on a boat stand or dolly system if no trailer is available to store or transport the boat. But this storage method requires some help from the marina.

Dollies are exactly what they sound like. The small stands have multiple wheels, and will attach to the bottom of the boat on each end, similar to how the storage blocks would, but instead, the wheels can lock for storage.

These dollies are ideal because they can transport the boat with them instead of a trailer. They are also affordable and often available for much less than a larger pontoon trailer would be.

The other great thing is many marinas will have a service that lifts the boat and places it on the dollies for us. This is either free or available for a small fee, allowing us to get the boat ready for storage much faster.

Rent A Storage Location

If there is a budget, the best way to store a pontoon boat without a trailer is by renting space at a local storage facility.

We can search online for storage facilities in our area or ask for recommendations from marinas or boat clubs. Once we have found a few options, we can contact the storage facility to inquire about their availability and prices for boat storage.

When visiting the storage facility, bring proof of ownership of the boat and any documentation or permits that may be required. The storage facility may also need us to sign a rental agreement and provide a deposit.

The fee typically includes everything, including moving the boat from its current location to the storage facility. This can all be done without a trailer and takes away the hassle of handling the storage ourselves.

Tips To Remember To Store A Pontoon Boat Without A Trailer

Pontoon boats are a popular choice for people who want to enjoy the water without the high cost of a high-speed boat. They are also popular among people who don't have a boat ramp or dock to store their boats at home.

But some specific strategies and tips work best when storing these boats without a trailer. We have listed them below.

Always Use A Sheltered & Enclosed Storage Location

Ideally, we want to store your pontoon boat in a covered or enclosed space to protect it from the elements. This is especially true when storing the boat during the winter.

This could be a garage, shed, or even a carport. If we don't have access to one of these spaces at home, we can look for a location that is out of direct sunlight and has some protection from wind and rain.

Clean And Empty The Boat

Before storing a pontoon boat, make sure to remove all personal belongings, such as life jackets, fishing gear, and any other items that the elements could damage.

This will also prevent them from being stolen while your boat is in storage. It also makes it easier to store the boat properly, keep pests out of the boat, and make sealing or covering it less hassle.

Cover The Boat

Use a boat cover to protect the pontoon boat from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions. Make sure the cover is the right size so it is securely fastened for the best protection.

This is extremely important because when the boat is left in an area that gets cold, it becomes vulnerable to the elements if the cover is not secure and protects the interior.

Remove The Battery For Winter

Winterizing a pontoon boat is also necessary when storing it away during the cold months. One important way to do this is by removing the battery and fully charging it for the next season.

It can wear down when the battery is left idle for multiple months in cold weather. This would mean the next time we try using the boat, the battery could be worn out or completely dead, and we would need to buy a new one.

Can You Leave A Pontoon Boat Flat On The Ground?

It is not recommended to leave a pontoon boat flat on the ground during the winter for storage. There are a few potential risks when storing a boat this way, especially for pontoons.

Pontoon boats are not designed to be left on the ground for extended periods of time, and doing so can cause the hull to settle and become damaged. Additionally, the weight of the boat can cause indentations in the ground, making it difficult to move the boat when the time comes.

We can only leave a pontoon boat flat on the ground if it is stable. The best way to store it when not in use is to have it on some type of stand or block lifted off the ground to avoid damage.

How To Store A Pontoon Boat Without A Trailer
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How To Store A Pontoon Boat Without A Trailer

How To Store A Pontoon Boat Without A Trailer
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