Who Manufactures Lexington Pontoon Boats?

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Key Takeaways

  • Lexington Pontoon Boats makes medium to large pontoon boats
  • Lexington operates out of a plant located in Americus, Ga.
  • Lexington is known for making a budget-friendly water craft.

One of the most budget-friendly pontoon boats on the market today comes from a small company in Americus, Ga. Who manufactures Lexington Pontoon Boats?

Lexington Pontoon Boats of Americus, Ga, is a small company making several models of affordable dual and tri-tubed pontoon boats. The company specializes in offering a durable, functional, and budget-friendly craft. Their models range in price but start around $25k for a 3 Series.

While other boat sales have declined, the pontoon industry has grown nicely over the last few years, with over 66k units sold in 2021. Many families are purchasing pontoon boats as recreational options due to their versatility. These unique floating decks are easy to maneuver and provide extra space for family activities such as fishing or swimming. As sales continue to increase, the future is bright for both families and the workers who benefit from some excellent job security.


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What is A Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat is a flat-decked watercraft kept buoyant by a series of air-filled sealed aluminum tubes. The tubes allow maximum buoyancy by lifting the whole deck above water, creating extra space for lavish amenities such as expanded seating configurations, bars, or suntanning areas. Pontoon boats tend to be an ideal craft for lakes, rivers, and other freshwater areas. They are not designed to be taken out to sea, where the winds and waves are more prevalent and the increased danger of capsizing by rolling over is present.

The pontoon boat, with its aluminum tubing, is more maneuverable than ordinary boats and has a reputation for being indestructible (which is a myth). The primary appeal of a pontoon is that the boat can accommodate a larger number of people on board due to the buoyancy of the tubing underneath.

How Did the Pontoon Boat Come to Be?

The pontoon boat is loosely based on the catamaran style of boat, which was developed in 1871. In the United States, the idea of a boat on floats was first invented by a rural farmer, Ambrose Weeres, in Minnesota in the 1950s. Primarily, he decided he wanted to find a way to take his dock out into the water, so he fashioned a series of oil drums, which he welded end to end, and then attached to the boat. Soon, he was so successful with the new concept that he started a small manufacturing company to hand-make the boats people desired.

Over the years many manufacturers have taken the initial concept and refined it to produce the pontoon boat that is present today. The industry continues to grow, with sales of over 62,000 units this last year, and expect about a 9% growth rate through the end of the decade.

Who Makes Lexington Pontoon Boats?

Lexington pontoon boats are made on-site at a manufacturing plant in Americus, Ga. The company has a reputation for making mid-sized to large pontoons that are durable and functional but are also very reasonably priced. At the same time, the company is not the biggest producer of pontoons boats (that distinction belongs to Bennington, with over 100 different models offered). Lexington makes about 10-12 models in dual pontoons or tritoons (three tubes) configurations. Their boats range in price from around $25k - $39k and, depending on the amenities involved, might push a bit higher. The six series are their most luxurious offering (Lexington dubs this model the “Super-toon”), with seating up to ten-twelve people and lots of extras.

What Are the Qualities of a Lexington Pontoon?

Notwithstanding the budget-pleasing price, there are a few other reasons to consider a pontoon from Lexington.

Thermo-Plastic Decking

The company makes its decking from the use of thermo-plastics. Thermoplastics are a polymer that can be shaped and bent when heated but retains its structural rigidity when cooled.  A thermoplastic decking (Lexington calls it a Thermo-deck) is easier to maintain and more durable than other plastics. A thermoplastic deck does not chip or dent and is stain-resistant. Since most other manufacturers use heavy plywood with a thin plastic coating, owners constantly battle rotting plywood. (This is the result of intense exposure to moisture. The more moisture plywood absorbs, the more it expands, warps, and becomes structurally compromised). Most pontoon owners have just accepted that they must replace the decking at least once or twice in a boat's lifetime. Thermo-plastics can help prevent this from happening, and Lexington guarantees that their decking will have no rot, which is a pretty bold statement as far as pontoon boats go.

The use of thermoplastics can save serious cash in other ways. Since a Lexington pontoon tends to be more lightweight, the craft tends to be more agile, easy to maneuver, and can even carry more passengers or gear than other heavier boats. These weight savings translate into less wear and tear on the motor and even a reduction in towing expenses (it does cost money to pull a pontoon to the lake) and the boat's fuel economy. This weight savings translate to a boat that is very nimble in the water, more maneuverable, or can even carry more passengers or gear without overloading the weight limit.

Larger Pontoon Diameters.

The Lexington Pontoon boats have 28.5-inch round tubes, which is significantly larger than most other manufacturers. A larger pontoon (tube) increases the boat’s capacity and provides a more comfortable ride while improving the boat's stability in rough waters. Many owners have to pay additional money for the option of larger tubes, but Lexington offers the 28.5-inch tubes as standard on all models.

Lifting Strakes

Whenever a pontoon tube moves through the water, that movement creates a corresponding amount of drag on the front of the boat. To help counter this drag coefficient, Lexington installs lifting strakes (aluminum rods welded to the sides of the tubes designed to lift the angle of the pontoons above the water). The higher a pontoon boat rides above the water, the more smooth the ride and the better the performance, particularly in rough water. The pontoon tends to glide over the surface of the waves rather than be subject to moving up and down with them.


The Lexington Pontoon is powered by a Suzuki 150, which is more than enough to provide all the speed and power an owner might need. According to many pontoon owner forums, Suzuki makes one of the most reliable marine motors today.

What are Some Negatives about Lexington Pontoon Boats?

Some reasons why purchasing from Lexington may give boat owners pause.

No National Presence other than Online Network

The wonderful thing about the giants of the pontoon industry is that you can find their boats everywhere. Bennington has over 100 models to choose from, making the few offerings that Lexington makes pale in comparison. More options for the consumer often translate into more sales because the potential owner can touch a model boat before buying it. This lack of visibility is a troubling factor about Lexington Pontoons, in that even though they make a quality boat, if no one has heard of your company, no one will want to buy your product. As one reviewer mentioned, “They are a good quality boat. They just aren’t very popular.”

Warranty is Not as Good

The warranty on a Lexington pontoon is only two years. However, many other manufacturers have more extensive warranties that last much longer.

Who Manufactures Lexington Pontoon Boats?
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Who Manufactures Lexington Pontoon Boats?

Who Manufactures Lexington Pontoon Boats?
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