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Catamarans come in various sizes, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive catamarans in the world are? Let’s find out.

A catamaran is a boat that features dual hulls that run parallel on either side. Although many sailing enthusiasts will be fine with buying a regular size catamaran to scratch their sailing itch if you have money to spare, why not spoil yourself with a luxurious catamaran?

From the Hemisphere ($280,000), which is an astounding 145” long, to the 217” long Hodor ($30 m), to the 332” Nemesis One ($90m), catamarans come in various sizes and price tags. Catamaran builders are constantly raising the bar along with the price tag.

Learning about catamarans, what makes them unique, and the most expensive catamarans on the planet is something very interesting, especially to sailors. So, if you’re interested in buying a luxury catamaran, you will want to stay with us till the end.

As sailing enthusiasts with years of experience, we can give you all the information you need on luxury catamarans, or in this case, the most expensive catamarans that you can buy.


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Most Expensive Catamarans

For their particular benefits over mono-hulled vessels, both seasoned yachting fans and those new to the world of yacht charters like to vacation and host events onboard luxury catamarans, and these ten largest luxury catamarans available for charter are among the best available today.

These well-kept catamarans offer better stability while sailing and at anchor, and the larger beam provides more room onboard for organizing dockside activities and enjoying the outdoors wherever you go. Large weather-protected cockpits, expansive foredecks with trampolines, and most large catamarans also include a flybridge for sunbathing and outdoor dining are all noteworthy features.

Catamarans are also speedier than monohulls and, because of their short draught, can often penetrate shallower coves to locate hidden jewels. Another advantage of catamaran sailing is the use of two engines to match the twin hulls, which improves safety and maneuverability while traveling between islands.

Nemesis One - ($90 million)

As the first multi-hull hydrofoil, the 'Nemesis One' has garnered much attention. This luxury catamaran will be able to lift out of the water on hydrofoils to attain a top speed of over 50 knots, changing the face of high-performance cruising multihulls. With its astounding technologically sophisticated features, Nemesis Yachts revealed their pioneering 332 feet futuristic catamaran design, which redefines a traditional sailing yacht.

The 'Oceanwings' wing sail claims to minimize crew needs to a bare minimum since the wings automatically modify angle, camber, and twist, removing the need for manual sail trimming. The all-carbon-fiber Nemesis One exudes a beautiful futuristic atmosphere without sacrificing the car's cozy amenities. The designers used cutting-edge hydraulic and electronic systems to eliminate the need for pulling lines or manipulating sails. Nemesis One will be outfitted with the latest generation of smart LiDar (laser radar) sensors, which will accurately capture the yacht's surroundings, including the current sea condition and parameters such as wave height.

Nemesis One is also forging new ground by allowing users to swap out the port and starboard facing dwelling modules with ones with alternate interior layouts. In the blink of an eye, the interior arrangement may be converted from owner to charter setup. Both modules may be removed fully to make the most of this beast, putting the already fast boat into the 'Ultra-Light Race Mode' configuration.

The Hemisphere - ($280,000)

The Hemisphere is another luxury yacht that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests, thanks to its roomy interior, which offers plenty of space and entertainment options. Furthermore, being one of the more stable and trustworthy vessels on the water, it is unquestionably the ideal luxury ship to charter for a seagoing excursion that will deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The outside is just as beautiful, with a flybridge that provides an incredible amount of deck area for leisure activities. There are also other sitting places, including those around the spa pool on the upper deck. If that wasn't enough, the aft deck has a magnificent glass table with a map of the seven continents engraved into it. The formal dining room is located below here, where visitors may relax and enjoy a four-star meal or a quick snack, depending on the time of day.

Its accommodations are one-of-a-kind, delivering another level of luxury that departs from the ordinary, mundane experience that may otherwise detract from a great holiday spent reveling in the total splendor of such a vessel. It has fifteen distinct types of stone in its construction, as well as eighteen different types of leather and a range of finishing touches, such as brushed wood, wenge, and walnut bottoms.

It has fifteen different types of stone in its construction, as well as eighteen different types of leather and a broad range of finishing touches, such as brushed wood, wenge, and walnut bottoms, that give it a distinct and stylish feel.

This craft was designed with little more than leisure and a love for adventure in mind. It was built at the UK's Pendennis Shipyard, and Metrica Interior in Germany designed and fitted the interior. The sheer grandeur of the place allows for pleasures that visitors to the Hemisphere will agree are both luxurious and beautiful in scope.

Even while operating at full throttle, the vessel's design provides complete comfort and an unforgettable trip. As a catamaran, she is also quite stable, as one would anticipate from such a vessel. The luxury catamaran has built upon the original design by removing the more simple shapes that came before and extending in a fashion that tries to impress, as with many designs adopted from the past into the contemporary period.

The Hemisphere takes the lead in pure magnificence and performance as the world's largest and most stunning catamaran. This magnificent sailboat was first launched in 2011 and reaches 145 feet over the sea. Van Peteghem Lauriot created the design which is an ode to past designs, with all of the modern comforts and technology that gives you the complete package.

Hodor - ($30m)

Hodor's linear exteriors and gray paints give it an industrial air, while the hull, helicopter, and helipad are all beautifully completed with contrasting orange stripes. Astilleros Armón constructed her at their Burela shipyard in Spain, with design and naval architecture by Incat Crowther. To optimize living space aboard the mothership, the vessel was built to be filled with toys.

For instance, there are up to nine fully loaded jet skis available, as well as four Yamaha quad bikes, two ATVs, four TW200 trail motorbikes, one Hobie Cat, and even two Laser dinghies. You also get a 16-meter Hydra-Sports 53 center console sports boat and a 7.3-meter Novurania catamaran RIB neatly fitted on the upper deck.

A hydraulic lift is dropped between the two hulls to deploy the 17-meter Nor-Tech 560 Sport center console. And if that isn't enough, there are rumors that a Seamagine Aurora-3 submersible is being considered for the owner's collection of toys.

It features two gorgeous internal guest quarters with bathrooms, in addition to functioning as toy storage. Is this the world's largest catamaran and the world's largest toy box? This is the best toy for thrill-seekers who have deep pockets and enjoy water activities.

The helipad is completely approved and CAP437 compliant for helicopters weighing up to 6 tons and with a D-value of up to 16 meters, such as the Eurocopter EC145. A huge reception area, furnished to yacht standards, lies in front of the helipad, allowing visitors to be shuttled between helicopters and tenders in luxury.

In case you were wondering, Incat Crowther, an Australian design studio, created Hodor. Five tenders (the biggest being 56' / 17 meters), jet skis, quad bikes, a submarine garage, a helipad, and a substantial complement of crew, personnel, and support equipment are among some of the facilities you get to enjoy onboard.

Royal Falcon One - ($2.4m)

This futuristic catamaran built by Singaporean builders Royal Fleet in 2019 looks like something out of a science fiction movie. The two hulls have the appearance of a sports car circuit if you look closely. The large beam allows for a very pleasant cruising experience. Porsche Create Studio started with a blank sheet of paper to design a catamaran-style boat.

Her contemporary interiors have the best leathers and materials to complement her ultra-modern external style. Guests may enjoy amazing ocean views from a panoramic lounge. The Royal Falcon One has a Jacuzzi, an onboard bar, and a tender garage for up to 10 hired guests. In addition, Royal Falcon One is equipped with dual 4,600 horsepower engines and two waterjets courtesy of Rolls-Royce, allowing her to achieve peak speeds of 35 knots. The Royal Falcon One has a one-of-a-kind design created by the legendary Porsche Design Studio.

The unique design of the Royal Falcon One combines all of the efficient economic cruising features of a multihull with the additional space given by the wide beam, all while providing guests with an attractive aesthetic and utilitarian but luxury interior.

The Royal Falcon One offers five large and pleasant bedrooms, offering plenty of space for guests. The main deck has three guest rooms, while the top deck has a full-beam master bedroom with its own private deck space, as well as a VIP suite. The interior design is innovative, offering guests the ultimate in luxury while employing only the best leathers and materials to produce a contemporary design that complements her ultra-modern outward appearance.

The thoughtful internal plan allows for a panoramic observation salon forward of the main saloon, making the most of the yacht's broad beam and an amazing gathering place. Royal Falcon One offers many dining and relaxation areas on deck. The upper sun deck has a Jacuzzi and cushioned sun cushions, while the main deck has an external salon to the aft.

The crew quarters are hidden between the two hulls, while the tender of Royal Falcon One is stored in the stern, served by a crane for deployment and retrieval. This is an excellent chance for a new owner to obtain a brand-new yacht with a head-turning, stand-out design, with minimal engine hours, and presented for sale in pristine condition.

Ten guests will be accommodated in five cabins, with extra ten staff members onboard. The Royal Falcon One has opulent interiors and expansive outside spaces for parties and relaxation. On the sun terrace, there is a Jacuzzi, as well as formal and outdoor eating places, all of which have been furnished to provide the ultimate comfort.

Silver Cloud - ($31m)

Abeking & Rasmussen, a German shipyard, created this outstanding dual hull model in 2009, which has won two World Superyacht Awards. The exquisite interiors were created by Michael Kirschstein. Silver Cloud's 134 feet are packed with luxuries, including a spa pool, a sky deck, and a spacious helicopter pad.

A 360-degree sliding door welcomes visitors to the main deck's magnificent views, which give plenty of chances for al fresco eating and entertainment. Silver Cloud can accommodate up to twelve people and provides lots of entertainment, such as a fully furnished media area, a 65-inch plasma TV, and complete scuba diving equipment for each visitor. Silver Cloud also has a lot of speed; with zero-speed stabilizers, she can travel 4,000 nautical miles at 10 knots.

The main deck saloon, designed by Michael Kirschstein, features wide windows with panoramic views, two lounge sections, and two dining rooms, all of which contribute to a sense of closeness among passengers. Powered sliding glass doors open to the aft deck, which has everything you need for outdoor entertainment and dining.

With four motorized lounge chairs and a 65-inch LED television screen that drops from the ceiling, the sky lounge serves as a media room, providing guests with a pleasant location for relaxing watching. There is also an elevator, a spa pool, and a big helicopter deck.

Most Expensive Catamarans
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