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Trailerable sailboats are the perfect solution for weekend or day cruisers. They're easy to store, transport, and set up, which gets you on the water fast.

Trailerable sailboats come in many different shapes and sizes. Many trailerable sailboats even have retractable keels, which not only comes in handy for towing, but also for sailing around shallower waters. Depending on how you plan on sailing, there's sure to be a trailerable sailboat that suits you and your family.

Below are the best trailerable sailboats under 20 feet, separated into their best use: day sailing and cruising.


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Best Sailboats Under 30' for Day Sailing

Small, trailerable sailboats are great for daily use because they're easy to set up, and you can take them anywhere within driving distance and explore new areas.

This category of sailboat won't have a cabin, instead, these sailboats have plenty of room on deck for the whole family to enjoy a sailing adventure together. Many of these sailboats are faster and have less amenities than a cruising boat, which makes them easy to set up for a day use and offer a fun, sporty day activity.

Hunter 15


The Hunter 15 is designed for safety and versatility. Without a cabin, it can fit up to four people on its benches. The Hunter 15' features high sides and a self-bailing cockpit, which makes it a great option for novices and kids.

The sailboat tows at 750 lbs, which means most vehicles can tow it. The retractable keel makes it so even lower vehicles can tow the boat.

The retractable keel also makes it so you can beach the sailboat, something you can't do with a bigger sailboat. That makes sailing the Hunter 15 around coves and islands even more enjoyable. Explore hidden beaches by yourself or with friends and family. 

Laser 13


The Laser sailboat has been a favorite among dinghy racers for years. That's because it's super lightweight, really fast, and fun.

Not only is the laser a fun craft, but it's also very easy to use and transport. Its lightweight is due to the fiberglass hull construction and lack of a keel. You can either tow the Laser, or you can even strap it to the top of a vehicle.

While going fast is fun, you don't have to race the Laser to have fun. The Laser is great for leisure sailing. Thankfully, since it is so light, you don't need much wind to have a great sailing day.

Since it is so small, it fits one to two people in its cockpit. Also, it's lack of keel means it is very easy to tip over. But, it's also very easy to flip back. If you're someone who doesn't want to get soaked, the Laser might not be for you.

But if you're looking for a way to get on the water without much fuss and special towing equipment, the Laser is perfect for you.

Catalina 16.5


Catalina has been a popular sailboat brand for decades, and there's no question that their larger crafts are some of the most common sailboats you see at any marina.

They're popular for good reason. Catalina sailboats are made with lightweight fiberglass and include standard, good quality rigging. They're affordable sailboats to buy new and easy to find used.

The Catalina 16.5 came into existence in 1994 and has remained on the market ever since. It comes in at under 500 lbs, which makes it easy to tow with just about any vehicle, so don't worry about adding a massive truck to your purchase.

This trailerable sailboat has a storage compartment in the front (great for packing a picnic and extra supplies) and can accommodate up to four adults. If you're looking for a boat you can spend all day sailing comfortably and not break the bank to purchase, the Catalina 16.5 might be the one for you.

Hobbie 16


Chances are, you've seen a Hobbie 16 on a beach somewhere. They're popular anywhere there's a body of water because they're fast and easy to operate. They're one of the most popular small crafts for youth sailing and racing. They're so popular that they were recently inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame.

Hobbie 16s are recognizable because of their "banana-shaped" hulls and often colorful sails. Unlike the previously listed sailboats, these are catamarans. So, you get two hulls and a trampoline in between them. They also hold 1-4 people in their cockpits.

As a trailerable catamaran, you can't get much better. It's super lightweight, it has no keel, and it's easy to set up. Because of the catamaran style, you'll often see people having fun on these ocean beaches.

The two-hull design makes it less likely to capsize, and it's sturdy enough that you can take on bigger waves and stronger winds than some other trailerable sailboats.

Norseman 17.5


The Norseman 17.5 is one of the more attractive boats on this list. It's not a racing boat-in fact, it's an ideal day cruiser.

It's a handcrafted cruiser, and it's designers nicknamed it the swiss army knife of sailboats because it's a sailboat and a rowboat all in one.

If you want something that looks and feels seaworthy but is still trailerable, the Norseman 17.5 hits the spot. It's low maintenance and expertly designed to be as efficient as possible. Because it's designed to mimic a more traditional, larger sailboat, it does have a fixed keel. But, that doesn't mean you can't trailer it still.

The dual purpose of the Norseman 17.5 is appealing because no matter what setting you're in, the Norseman 17.5 can perform, not unlike a swiss army knife. First and foremost, this boat is for sailing, and it gives a great sailing experience, not unlike any larger sailboat.

Best Trailerable Sailboats Under 30' for Cruising

Sailboats for camping come with a few more amenities. Many people prefer this kind of sailboat because it offers more freedom to stay overnight on the boat and make longer trips. Most of the time, they come equipped with a cabin for sleeping and cabin lights for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Most trailerable sailboats for cruising and camping are over 20' and cost more than a daysailer. They also typically weigh more and require a towing vehicle and special trailer because of their larger cabin space and equipment. Many people opt to put a trolling motor on the back of their pocket cruiser for getting in and out of slips and docks.

Even though they're tiny, many people spend their entire weekends or days on a small cruiser. Since they're more equipped for extended trips, you can sail along the coasts comfortably.

Catalina 22 Sport


The Catalina 22 is one of the most popular sailboats in the United States. No matter where you are, you'll find a fleet of Catalina 22s at just about any marina. After they stopped making the original Catalina 22, the only way to find one (if you wanted to join a racing fleet) was to buy one used.

After years of demand, the sailboat manufacturer finally came out with the 22' Sport. It's just about the same as the original 22, so much so that you can join a Catalina 22 fleet among the original sailboats.

Catalina 22 Sport is a racing boat and a pocket cruiser. It's easy to trailer, easy to rig, and a great family sailboat.

Hunter 22


Like its smaller relative, the Hunter 22 is known for being safe and sturdy, ready for adventure. It makes for an ideal daysailer or weekend tripper. Even though it's family-friendly, it's still capable of going fast. You can enter in a race or beach hop.

The Hunter 22 features a small cabin that's very comfortable for camping. It comes with a small stove, cooler, and toilet. There's a small dinette that converts to a bed, so you can go from breakfast to bed easily within the boat cabin.

The original Hunter 22 stopped production in 1985, but Hunter has since recently started making a new Hunter 22 that's even better than the original. Still, you'll find plenty of used Hunter 22s.

Sage 15


The Sage 15' is a good looking compact, abstract-style sailboat. It's almost identical to its bigger counterpart, the Sage 17, but this model has a retractable keel.

On the water, you wouldn't guess the Sage 15 was a trailer sailer. It's got all the charm of a classic sailboat, with many of the amenities desirable in a pocket cruiser.

One thing to note is the mast and its rigging only weighs 20 pounds, which makes it easy to raise and lower by yourself. When you're towing to and from your location, you want the set up to be as easy as possible, so this is a huge plus.

This boat has room for two people on the deck and in the cockpit. It's perfect for people who enjoy a solo voyage here and there or for couples looking to have a day on the water every once in a while.

West Wight Potter 19


According to the West Wight Potter website, it only takes 45 minutes to rig a simple setup and get on the water. As far as trailerable sailboats go, the Potter 19' has all the amenities you could want for comfortable weekend getaways on the water.

Like almost all the boats on this list, the Potter 19 has a retractable keel and a self-bailing cockpit. It's stable and very unlikely to heel over too far. The Potter 19 is one of the most responsive sailboats in its class.

What makes the Potter 19 a great trailerable sailboat for camping is the spacious cabin. The cabin features two berths that can sleep four and seating for up to five people. The cabin also comes with a burner stove and a cooler. Depending on what your plans are, you can get the boat customized to your needs.

The West Wight Potter 19 makes the most out of its compact space, which makes it versatile. Also, with the trailer, the Potter 19 fits inside the standard garage. So, don't worry about paying marina fees when you can store your boat right in your garage.

Moore 24


The last boat on this list is a trailerable sailboat that's proven seaworthy. The Moor 24 was famously sailed from Santa Cruz, California to Honolulu, Hawaii in 17 days. Not only is it seaworthy, but it's fast. The Moor 24 is a prime racing boat, and it's won many Cups.

The Moor 24 sailboat is not only a performance vessel. It also offers comfortable cruising with a cushioned v-berth for overnight or weekend trips. The Moore 24 is easy to handle and one of the smoothest sails. Experienced sailors will appreciate how it sails, and novice sailors will appreciate how easy it is to master.

It's such a gem of a sailboat, it's hard to believe it fits on a trailer.

Which Sailboat is Right for You?

Choosing to buy a trailerable sailboat is a good choice for people who don't want to break the bank or worry about marina fees and docking fees. For people who want to go on the occasional weekend sailing trip or day trip, there is no more affordable option.

To choose the right trailerable sailboat, consider what kind of sailing you want to do. A day sailor offers you a smaller boat that's easy to tow and that's more affordable. These boats are great for training kids to sail or learning how to sail yourself.

But, likely, you'll eventually want to graduate to a slightly more capable sailboat. That's because a trailerable cruising sailboat gives more of a traditional sailing experience, including overnight trips and more seaworthiness.

Thankfully, sailboats are easy to find used and cheaper than brand new. Trailer sailors especially are easy to come by and get a good deal on. Whether you're just starting out or just looking for some fun on the weekends, finding the right trailerable sailboat under 30 feet is a breeze.

Best Trailerable Sailboats Under 30 Feet
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Best Trailerable Sailboats Under 30 Feet

Best Trailerable Sailboats Under 30 Feet
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