When Does Sailing Season Start?

When Does Sailing Season Start?

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August 30, 2022

New or inexperienced sailors, often ask when the sailing season starts. Depending on your location, there are a few different answers to that question.

A lot of variables go into the perfect time of the year to sail. But what specific months of the year usually cater to the best sailing moments?

Generally, the best time to sail in the United States for the West Coast is from September to January. For the East Coast, you should try December to February with a few exceptions for March to June. In addition, other parts of the world have similar timelines.

While there are plenty of variables to consider when sailing, the weather is likely to be the main contributor. Most sailors enjoy warm weather and favorable conditions, but in some parts of the world is difficult to pinpoint their exact perfect weather period.

According to experienced sailors, you should always account for cooler weather and harsh conditions. So exploring areas that are getting out of hurricane season is likely a good idea.


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Best Time Period to Sail in the United States

The U.S. has plenty of sailing opportunities along both coasts. Depending on your location and the time of the year, you can have some excellent options when sailing full time or even for a weekend.

Some sailors have an easier transition into sailing, especially if they happen to live on either coast. In general, there are a handful of opportunities to sail.

East Coast

Sailing on the East Coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets land is a beautiful opportunity for those that have never seen the water. You can travel along 6,000 miles of the coast to see a handful of states.

There will be a blend of cooler and warmer months, so you should prepare accordingly depending on your location and time of year. The point here is to avoid certain hurricane seasons, which the East Coast ensures around August to November.

The best moments to sail here would be between December and February. If you are hovering around Boston or New York during these times, then the temperatures will be cold. If you happen to be south around Florida, you can enjoy warmer weather.

West Coast

The West Coast is not entirely safe from hurricanes, but they are much less common compared to the ones on the East Coast. With that being said, you can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and warmer weather.

For those that want to travel here, the best opportunity would be from September to January. This will allow you to have comfortable temperatures without being too hot for the summer months.

For Alaska, the most ideal time would be from May to August. The weather is a little less volatile and not as cold, giving you the perfect opportunity to head up the northern part of the West Coast.

If you are looking to extend out just a bit further, try checking out Hawaii. They have the best sailing conditions year round along with the most laid back atmosphere.

There are plenty of beautiful locations to stop along the way too, especially in California. The wind is also a contributor, as the summer months heat up and force air to help sailors move along.


If you are traveling along the East Coast and decide you want to dip a bit further south, then the region neighboring Florida is another great option to consider.

From Florida to the Caribbean, you can enjoy sunny environments all year round. However, the best months to consider traveling are from May to July and then again from November to February.

This allows you to avoid the harsh conditions of hurricane season and the Heat that comes with the summer months. You can also look to explore the Gulf of Mexico, which offers a unique emerald color to the water.

The Caribbean offers another great option for the best sailing conditions, as long as you stay away from the hurricane season. Sailing from March to June will offer the best moments since there are fewer tourists and the weather is more accommodating.

You can expect around 25 knots of the wind to help push your boat. Later around November and December still offer similar conditions with a little less heat.

Best Time Period to Sail the Mediterranean

From May to October, this is the best window of opportunity to sail the Mediterranean. However, peak season for tourists is around July and August, so take that into consideration when planning a trip.

You can explore some of the most appealing locations that most will never get to see in their lifetime, such as the French Riviera and the Northern Ionian Sea. For most sailors, early spring is an ideal situation because you can avoid large crowds and still enjoy mildly warmer weather.

Best Time Period to Sail Australia

Australia has a decent window of opportunity to sail compared to others around the world. From November to March, you can head here to avoid the winter months from other places.

This will allow you to see what Sydney and Adelaide has to offer. The summer months are a bit different here, so this is a great time to visit.

Even if you decide to visit Australia outside the months mentioned, you can rest assured that it will impact you too much. The winter months are not as extreme here, so you can still enjoy it without the crowds.

Best Time Period to Sail the South Pacific

Some of the most appealing destinations in the world are in the South Pacific. These include Tahiti, Bora Bora, and French Polynesia, which are desirable to sail around May to October.

The rain is much less frequent compared to other months, which is something you want to avoid due to tropical cyclones. This time period is much drier and is great for occasions such as weddings or get-togethers. In addition, this is a great time to check out honeymoon spots for sailing.

Best Time Period to Sail in Bermuda

Heading to the North Atlantic, you should check out Bermuda between May and the beginning of August. While most think of the Bermuda Triangle, you will not actually be enduring these conditions.

This area has some interesting features, such as pink sandy beaches and its historical blend of British-American culture. So this gives you something unique in comparison to other parts of the world.

Even though the Caribbean is its neighbor, Bermuda is not affected the same by hurricanes. The weather is more consistent year round and offers a great opportunity to sail. While hurricanes are not completely nonexistent here, you should be aware from August to October.

What is a Sailing Season?

A sailing season is a peak opportunity to sail along the coast, certain ocean, or area that is the most ideal time to do so. These periods offer the best conditions when the water is the calmest, the weather is most desirable, and the conditions are favorable.

Many factors dictate what is in a sailing season, such as the storms, temperatures, and how reliable the weather is. If all of these factors are good to travel in, then the sailing season is the best for that area.

When Does Sailing Season Start?
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When Does Sailing Season Start?

When Does Sailing Season Start?
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