The Top 5 Most Haunted Lighthouses on Sailing Routes

Key Takeaways

  • Owl's Head Lighthouse in Maine is known for eerie footsteps and flickering lights.
  • Tybee Island Lighthouse in Georgia is haunted by the spirits of maritime tragedy victims.
  • Battery Point Lighthouse boasts ghostly apparitions and a watchful presence.
  • These lighthouses have inspired many artists, filmmakers, and writers.

Let’s venture into the chilling abyss of maritime mysteries as we unveil the top 5 most haunted lighthouses on sailing routes—where ghostly tales come to life.

The top 5 most haunted lighthouses on sailing routes are the Owl’s Head Lighthouse, Tybee Island Lighthouse, Battery Point Lighthouse, Seul Choix Lighthouse, and St. Simons Lighthouse. These locations are famous for their historical significance and architectural beauty.

I’ve extensively researched and written about haunted locations worldwide, including lighthouses, and have a deep understanding of the historical contexts that have given rise to these ghostly legends. My commitment to accuracy ensures that I provide a well-informed, engaging, and chilling exploration of these haunted lighthouses along sailing routes.


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The Most Haunted Lighthouses on Sailing Routes

I've always been captivated by the haunted lighthouses scattered across popular sailing routes. Massive beacons guarding treacherous coastal waters, these structures have become home to many tales of lost souls lingering in their midst.

We’ll explore the top 5 most haunted lighthouses on sailing routes.

1. Owl’s Head Lighthouse

Owl’s Head Lighthouse
Owl’s Head Lighthouse

One of the most haunted lighthouses I've come across is the famous Owl’s Head Lighthouse in Maine.


Located at the entrance of Rockland Harbor on western Penobscot Bay, the Owl's Head Lighthouse stands on the south side of the harbor entrance.

This area is characterized by a pine-covered headland, giving this stunning and mysterious lighthouse an elevated position atop the rocky cliffs. This vantage point enables its light to be seen up to 16 miles away!

Scariest Story- Unexplained Phenomena

Visitors to this iconic lighthouse have reported experiencing a range of unexplained phenomena that add to its eerie and enigmatic aura.

One of the most commonly reported occurrences at Owl's Head Lighthouse is the sound of inexplicable footsteps echoing through its halls, even when there is no one else present. These phantom footsteps have left many visitors perplexed, as they seem to defy logical explanations.

Some attribute these ghostly sounds to the spirits of former lighthouse keepers who may still be tending to their duties in the afterlife.

Mysterious flickering lights have also been observed within the lighthouse, casting an eerie glow in the darkness. These spectral lights appear and disappear without any apparent source, leaving those who witness them in awe and wonder.

Historical Significance

The Owl's Head Lighthouse was built in 1825. It boasts a short yet unique conical, rubblestone lighthouse tower standing only 15 feet tall.

Beyond its architecture, the lighthouse has a rich history of eerie tales that pique the interest of ghost hunters and adventurers alike, such as mysterious entities and ghost sightings reported in the area.

Boat Rentals Near Owl's Head Lighthouse

If you're feeling adventurous and want to experience the mystique of Owl's Head Lighthouse for yourself, there are plenty of boat rentals available in the surrounding towns.

From sailboats to motorboats, you'll find the perfect vessel to explore the haunting charm that makes the Owl's Head Lighthouse a must-see destination for sailors and thrill-seekers alike. Watch this video for more intricate details of the Owl’s Head lighthouse.

2. Tybee Island Lighthouse

Tybee Island Lighthouse
Tybee Island Lighthouse

In my search for haunted lighthouses on sailing routes, one particular location caught my attention - the Tybee Island Lighthouse off the coast of Georgia.


Tybee Island Lighthouse is located on a remote island, Tybee, in Georgia, near South Carolina. It sits at the mouth of the Savannah River and guides ships as they navigate their way through the waters.

Built in 1736, the lighthouse has witnessed its share of violent storms, which have caused structural damage and multiple reconstructions of the tower.

Scariest story- Shipwrecks and Tragedies

Shipwrecks and maritime tragedies have left their mark on lighthouses like the Tybee Island Lighthouse off the coast of Georgia.

It is believed that the spirits of the victims from these shipwrecks still linger near the lighthouse grounds, resulting in strange noises and ghostly sightings. This lighthouse serves as a chilling example of how tragedy at sea can lead to lingering hauntings.

Also, the Tybee Island Lighthouse is not only known for its maritime tragedies but also for the unsettling tale of its headkeeper, George Shaw. Shaw's tragic death in 1887 sparked rumors of foul play, with some believing he was murdered by his assistant.

To this day, the ghost of George Shaw is said to linger in the lighthouse, manifesting as ghostly footsteps and mysterious sounds, creating an eerie connection to its history.

Historical Significance

The ghostly tales surrounding Tybee Island Lighthouse are intriguing. It’s said that the area surrounding the lighthouse is haunted by ghosts of soldiers who lost their lives during battles waged near the fort.

Visitors have reported experiencing mysterious noises and sighting apparitions walking around the lighthouse at night. From unexplained whistling to cries of death, this location is steeped in eerie tales and chilling encounters.

Also, it’s said that the spirit of a young girl named Lachlan haunts the Tybee Island Lighthouse. According to local legends, the little girl was the daughter of the house’s first keeper, and her spirit is believed to linger in the lighthouse, occasionally making her presence known through sightings or unexplained events.

Boat Rentals Near Tybee Island Lighthouse

If exploring the haunted waters around Tybee Island Lighthouse excites you, several boat rentals offer vessels for such adventurous trips.

For example, the Bull River Marina, located in the nearby Savannah area, offers a variety of rental choices for your convenience. Whether you're looking to rent a boat for a few hours or the entire day, they have options to suit your needs.

While boats are the perfect way to get a closer look at this ancient lighthouse, remember to be cautious and respectful of the potentially haunted surroundings.

By visiting this historic and seemingly haunted landmark, you'll experience the eerie atmosphere firsthand while enjoying a sailing adventure on the beautiful Georgia coast.

3. Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse
Battery Point Lighthouse

Exploring haunted lighthouses has always been a thrilling experience for me. The most haunted lighthouses offer additional excitement to any sailing adventure.

One lighthouse that has always fascinated me is the Battery Point Lighthouse, which I am delighted to share.


Situated near the northern end of California's coastline, just before reaching the Oregon border, the Battery Point Lighthouse is also known as the Crescent City Lighthouse.

The area is visually stunning and eerily fascinating, making it a favorite destination for sailing enthusiasts who enjoy a touch of any paranormal activity.

Scariest Story- Lighthouse Keepers' Tales

Captain Joseph Charles served as the lighthouse keeper at Battery Point Lighthouse for many years in the late 1800s. According to local lore, he was deeply devoted to his duties and was known for keeping meticulous records of ship traffic and weather conditions.

However, Captain Charles met a tragic end when he was fatally struck by a rogue wave while attempting to rescue a group of shipwrecked sailors during a storm.

It’s said that Captain Charles' spirit continues to linger within the lighthouse, unable to find peace due to the tragic circumstances of his death.

Visitors and paranormal enthusiasts have reported encounters with his ghostly apparition, often described as a tall figure in a long coat and hat resembling the attire of a 19th-century lighthouse keeper.

Historical Significance

Apart from its paranormal appeal, the Battery Point Lighthouse has a rich history. It was first lit in 1856 and the first lighthouse on the West Coast.

Reports of ghostly sightings, washed ashore, and strange happenings keep this lighthouse among the most renowned haunted locations, not only in California but in the United States as well.

Also, in some paranormal tales, doors that creak or make noise when opening or closing can contribute to the spooky ambiance of this haunted location. The sound of a creaking lighthouse door is often associated with paranormal activities.

Boat Rentals Near Battery Point Lighthouse

Whether you prefer smaller vessels for a more intimate experience or larger boats to accommodate a group of thrill-seekers, you will find something suitable for your adventure.

After exploring the Battery Point Lighthouse myself, adding this haunted lighthouse to your sailing itinerary will undoubtedly make your trip memorable.

4. Seul Choix Lighthouse

Seul Choix Lighthouse
Seul Choix Lighthouse

Among the popular, most haunted lighthouses, the Seul Choix Lighthouse stands out as one of the most thrilling tales.


Seul Choix Lighthouse, nestled on the rugged coastline of one of the great lakes, Lake Michigan, can be found off County Highway 431 in Gulliver, Michigan. This majestic gem serves as an active navigational tool for boats even today.

Scariest Story- Lighthouse Keepers' Tales

The isolated Seul Choix Lighthouse is shrouded in keeper-related mysteries. Lighthouse keepers have shared accounts of unexplained occurrences, from phantom footsteps to ghostly apparitions.

These stories highlight the enduring presence of those who once tended to the light and the mysteries they left behind.

Historical Significance

Operating since 1895, Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse holds a particularly eerie history. The ghost stories claim that the spirits of the past keeper and his wife continue to roam its halls.

Visitors often experience inexplicable smells and sounds, such as the lingering scent of cigar smoke or footsteps echoing throughout the empty rooms.

Boat Rentals Near Seul Choix Lighthouse

If you are interested in exploring the Seul Choix Lighthouse, there are several nearby options for boat rentals. Some services offer guided tours that include interesting facts about the lighthouse's history and its paranormal activities.

These boat rentals add a whole new dimension to the adventure and make visiting Seul Choix Lighthouse unforgettable.

5. St. Simons Lighthouse

St. Simons Lighthouse
St. Simons Lighthouse

St. Simons Lighthouse has earned its place among the popular haunted lighthouses. Situated on St. Simons Island in Georgia, it's a chilling lighthouse that has captured the minds and hearts of seasoned sailors and history buffs alike.

This lighthouse has a long history and has been staffed and maintained by various individuals and organizations over the years, including the United States Coast Guard.


Just like other lighthouses (Point Lookout Lighthouse and St. Augustine Lighthouse) located near the coast, St. Simons Lighthouse is located on the southern tip of St. Simons Island, Georgia, in the United States.

This strategic placement of the lighthouse island makes it an essential navigation aid along the Atlantic coast. Regarding its surroundings, you'll find a serene beach and lush marshlands, making it as picturesque as it is eerie.

Scariest Story - Civil War Era

During the Civil War, several lighthouses bore witness to conflict and tragedy. Confederate soldiers reportedly destroyed several, such as the St. Simons Island Lighthouse in Georgia.

To this day, a haunting presence is believed to linger within its grounds, serving as a haunting example of the eerie aftermath of wartime destruction.

Also, at the St. Simons Lighthouse, unexplained cold spots and shadowy figures have been frequently reported by visitors. Disembodied voices hint at a lingering presence from the past, making it a place of both beauty and mystery.

Historical Significance

This majestic lighthouse was initially built during the American Civil War. Confederate soldiers destroyed the original structure, and it was later reconstructed, standing tall as one of the five remaining lighthouses in Georgia.

Its most famous ghost story involves a murdered lighthouse keeper who is believed to haunt the grounds, ensuring the smooth operation of the lighthouse.

Boat Rentals Near St. Simons Lighthouse

If you're craving a taste of the supernatural, why not plan a sailing excursion to St. Simons Lighthouse? Here are some local boat rental services to help make your haunted journey a reality:

  • St. Simons Boat Rentals: This rental service offers a variety of boats available for half-day or full-day rentals. With their knowledgeable staff and dedication to customer service, you'll be in good hands as you embark on your spine-chilling adventure.
  • Island Charters: Providing a range of luxury boats for fishing trips, sightseeing, and even sunset cruises, they'll turn your haunted lighthouse visit into a memorable experience.
  • Captain Tom Charters: Nothing beats exploring St. Simons Lighthouse under the guidance of an experienced captain. They offer custom-tailored trips that include visits to the haunted lighthouse, making your adventure truly unique.

The Haunting House: Lighthouses' Cultural Impact on Art, Literature, and Media

The most haunted lighthouses on Sailing Routes have inspired countless artists, writers, and filmmakers who have used the chilling allure of these landmarks to enhance their work. They have become a source of legends and mysteries that continually capture the imagination.

When it comes to literature, haunted lighthouses have provided a powerful setting for novels and short stories.

In visual arts, lighthouses have often been depicted with a sense of mystery and drama. Paintings like Edward Hopper's "The Lighthouse at Two Lights" and Winslow Homer's "The West Wind" illustrate the solitary and powerful appeal of lighthouses, heightening the eerie atmosphere around them.

Haunted lighthouse stories have also found a home in popular media. Several films and television shows have used haunted lighthouses as pivotal plot elements, such as the 2019 film "The Lighthouse," directed by Robert Eggers, which tells the tale of two lighthouse keepers isolated on a remote, stormy island.

Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier

Born into a family of sailing enthusiasts, words like “ballast” and “jibing” were often a part of dinner conversations. These days Jacob sails a Hallberg-Rassy 44, having covered almost 6000 NM. While he’s made several voyages, his favorite one is the trip from California to Hawaii as it was his first fully independent voyage.

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