Bennett D. Richardson, PT, DPT, CSCS

Bennett is a physical therapist living and working in the Pittsburgh, PA region who specializes in the areas of orthopedics, ergonomics, and weight loss. He started his own physical therapy and personal training mobile, cash-based service, which focuses on providing excellent care to those in underserved and underinsured areas. 

Bennett graduated from Slippery Rock University’s DPT program in 2017. He also obtained his BS from SRU in 2014 in Exercise Science with a Gerontology minor. In his work, Bennett has had the unique opportunity to rehabilitate many novice and experienced sailors and other water sport aficionados. 

Living and working near the three rivers in Pittsburgh, PA, Bennett has been exposed to many injuries specific to sailing and water sports populations. This led him to develop specific protocols for these individuals involving exercise progressions, warm-ups prior to engaging in water sport activities, and proper positioning during said sports and activities.

Bennett is an advocate for all of his patients and is happy to consult and refer patients to any specialty they may require for their own unique health issues.

He is also an avid watersport fan himself, and you’ll frequently find him on the Allegheny river with his stand up paddleboard in the summers. In addition to watersports, Bennett loves to participate in all areas of exercise and fitness including rock climbing, crossfit, running, weightlifting, and anything that gets the heart rate up!

Outside of the health realm, Bennett’s interests include reading, writing, and teaching. He works and volunteers part-time as a tutor for various organizations including those who provide adult basic education, English as a second language, as well as other subjects within the sciences. In addition, he loves to volunteer his time in supervising students at the SRU pro bono clinic, his alma mater.

In his writing pursuits, Bennett has self-published one novel “Completely Original,” and is deep into the rewriting process of his second novel. He also frequently contributes to blogs of his own, and to others in many different fields, when commissioned to do so.

Bennett is engaged and they hope to marry in July of 2021.

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